FOMO & Home Buying


Home buyers tend to feel overwhelming pressure or anxiety when it comes time to pick a house. Whether they are scared of making the wrong decision or that something better will come along, FOMO pops up for many buyers. Let’s unpack what many of our buyers have experienced and their FOMO situations. 



Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Home buyers often find themselves wanting homes outside what they are genuinely comfortable spending. Nonetheless, some of our buyers will plunge head first into a mortgage they don’t love – all to keep up with the Kardashians. 

We are here to tell you – this is NOT necessary. And you definitely shouldn’t do it. 

This kind of FOMO ends up with you being house poor and unable to enjoy your daily life. Every expense is now scrutinized, and one broken water heater can result in your eating ramen noodles for a month. 


What leads to this type of FOMO? 

Usually, this type of FOMO happens because the buyers are enamored with how somebody decorated the house. We have to ask buyers regularly, do you like the place or do you like their stuff? 

If it’s just the stuff you like, take a picture and recreate it in a home you can comfortably afford! 




The Next Best Thing

The other situation our home buyers find themselves mentally pondering is whether or not another house will come along that’s better than what they are looking at today. 

I hate to tell you this – but one will. And it will usually happen right after you close on your new home. There is no way to prevent this, and it happens to EVERYONE. 


How can we prevent this? 

Sadly, we can’t. Sometimes you buy a house and think another one would have been better. Keep this in mind; you are making all of this up. That other house could have foundation problems, need a new roof, or whatever different situation you can imagine. 

Lastly, there is ALWAYS another house. If you don’t love what’s on the market – wait it out. Something will come along that makes your heart go pitter patter! 



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