Fully Renovated … Except the foundation

fully renovated


Since 2015, New Orleans real estate has seen an explosion of fully renovated houses.

Listings love to brag about how EVERYTHING was redone! New plumbing! New roof! New electrical! New …..


Welllllll……. not quite everything.

These full-blown renovations in New Orleans always tend to leave something out. And it’s almost always the foundation.



There is nothing worse than taking a homebuyer to see something that was completely renovated to find that you feel like you’re walking through a funhouse. Can all the house flippers, wannabe renovators, and contractors stop ignoring foundation problems?! No one wants something “shiny and new” while they are holding onto a wall to stand up straight.


What if there isn’t a lean in the house? Was everything else done? 

Unlikely. Whether it be punch-list items or they have a roof that needs to be replaced – you’re going to find something that wasn’t taken care of.

We have seen shoddy renovations in $150k houses and even in $950k houses.



How often does this happen? 

All the damn time. This is why we warn our clients that we are going to find a lot of stuff the contractor skipped over when we have our inspections done.

We will likely find old termite damage they didn’t fix, outlets that don’t work, plumbing they never looked at, and a bunch of trash thrown under the house. Just prepping you ahead of time for this.


Should I walk away from this New Orleans house?

Nope! It doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker! After we have home inspections done, we are going to ask for items to be repaired. Many times in “fully renovated” homes, we ask for more items to be repaired than we do in homes that haven’t been touched in over a decade.


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