Genuine Gentilly Terrace

Gentilly Terrace is one of my absolute favorites neighborhoods in the city. It’s adorable cottages, that have lots of old school touches, grace every block. You can find chipped tile walkways, mid century modern tiles, and those fairy looking houses with the sharp points in the front. With a very active neighborhood association, unique architecture styles, & proximity to the lake – it makes Gentilly Terrace a very desirable area.

Check out these great local businesses they can brag about!


Cafe Gentilly

Cafe Gentilly is a no frills, greasy spoon kind of diner. Owner, Steven Hebert, opened up 5 years ago. It’s extremely popular with the neighborhood as it’s an old school New Orleans kind of joint. Steven wanted a place that were the working man, or woman, can eat like a king! The most popular menu item are the eggs benedict or their creamed spinach omelette with crawfish. They even have a $5 breakfast special! Make sure to swing by and grab a bite.



The Original New Orleans Sno-ball & Smoothee

The Original New Orleans Sno-Ball & Smoothee has been open for a whopping 24 years! They have been in their current location since 2014, as the old spot was in a little house down the street that was torn down. It’s located on a bustling area of Elysian Fields. They sell po-boys, hot dogs, & nachos too. Their most popular snowball flavor is strawberry, by a landslide. A large portion of their clientele are the neighborhood folks & the students at the nearby school. They even have a small patio area for you to sit and enjoy your treats!


Mike’s Hardware & Supply

Mike’s Hardware & Supply is a family owned operation since 1981. Brothers Lee & Rob LaFleur bought the business from their folks and even used to live above it. Their shop is the quintessential neighborhood hardware store with a steady flow of people in and out the doors. They even carry specialty tools that not all places do. If you need it, they have it!


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