Get Inside!

Things to do in New Orleans


Summertime in New Orleans can be challenging. We are all sweating profusely and moving from one AC to the next. Other than seeking out where the free pools are, you’re looking for an indoor activity that can help beat this sweltering heat!


Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

Even as an adult, I thoroughly enjoy going to our Aquarium. Walking through the tunnels with the water all around has a very calming effect. Not only is it cool in there, but you have opportunities to feed sting rays, parakeets, and if you register ahead of time, you can meet a penguin! The great thing about the aquarium is that you can take hours really taking it all in.


A Long Brunch

If museums aren’t your thing and you don’t want to be cooped up at home, just take a long brunch with a friend. Order a mimosa and an appetizer. Order another mimosa. Order your entree. Order 2 more mimosas. You’re probably going to need a cab now, but you killed half a day catching up with a pal and that’s never a bad thing!


Catch a movie at The Broad Theater

Movies are always a good fall back plan when it’s scorching outside. Going to a locally owned movie theater is even better. You can bask in their air conditioning for a couple of hours while catching the hottest summer flick.


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