Prep your Home for the Summer Heat


If you live in the New Orleans metro area – or anywhere in the South- you know that the summer heat is coming in FAST. While there isn’t anything you can do about the outside temperatures rising, you can help your house stay cooler this summer. Check out our tips on prepping your home for the summer heat! 



#1: Get your AC cleaned & serviced

You might be shocked by the number of people we encounter who have no clue that their HVAC system should be cleaned and serviced twice a year. Keeping your AC maintained means you’re less likely to call an emergency repair person! 

Don’t forget to change those air filters regularly too! 



#2: Insulate your Attic

If your attic has little to no insulation, call a professional to rectify that ASAP. Your attic can feel like an oven during these brutal summers, and you don’t want that heat to transfer into your air-conditioned space. 

Pro tip: consider an attic stairway insulation cover. It helps keep the hot air from escaping into your living spaces. 



#3: Find & Seal Air Leaks

If you have old or drafty windows & doors, add some weatherstripping ASAP! Caulk around windows and doors that aren’t appropriately sealed either. We aren’t air-conditioning the neighborhood around here! 




#4: Window Tinting

Before you scoff at this idea, when I purchased my home, window tint was already on all living space windows. Let me tell y’all – I am so glad the previous owner invested in it! There are no nearby trees to block the sun from glaring through all six windows in my living room. This tint helps keep the room cooler, and I wish it were on all of the windows. 

There are a few companies in the metro area. Snappy Tint installed mine! 



#5: Awnings & Shutters

Look. Not all awnings have to be like your maw maw’s old metal ones (which I absolutely love). But consider adding a beautiful decorative canopy that will add curb appeal and keep the fireball in the sky at bay. 

Check out Foster Custom Awnings




#6: Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans may be a very obvious solution. But, it’s also a solution that many forget about! 

These days, there are some stunning ceiling fans that will jazz up a room and help keep you cool. Start here for inspiration. 



#7: New windows

This tip won’t be an option that everyone can utilize. However, if you can afford to change out your old windows – it will make a HUGE difference in keeping your house cooler and save on your energy bills! 

We love Window World as they are affordable and get the job done quickly! 



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