Hashtag: Mardi Gras Problems



People of New Orleans, here are your big #MardiGrasProblems.


To stay home or not

“Finding the desire to even go” – Jeffy R.

“Getting called into work on the one parade day you had scheduled off for 3 weeks.” – Aloysius

Mega crowds. Anxiety meds to the rescue….” – Meaghan C. 


Injuries & Health

Nearly breaking my ankle while sober at my first parade in 6 years…. ” – Sarah S.

“I try to be healthy but the parade route is between me and the gym and my diet is 80% beer, chips, and king cake. It’s a rough week for the health-conscious.” – Chris S.

“Last year someone pelted me in the face with a bag of plastic pearls and broke one of my front teeth.” – Ande S.

Heartburn. Eating Tums every morning for breakfast” – Tasha S.

“This sunburn from being in Femme Fatale. It’s February! Who’s thinking about sunscreen?” – Ande S.

“Finding out you are allergic to sequins” – Tiffiny W.

What’s for dinner? Everyday problems are magnified by revelry.” – Kate P. 


Traffic & Bathrooms

Getting towed after dancing in a parade! WE DONT HAVE AN ENTERTAINERS DISCOUNT?!!!!” – Michael M. 

Must. Have. Bathroom!” – Spring F. 

People peeing in my doorway.” – Stephanie Y.

Trying to get home after work and getting turned around in the CBD on foot…seems like every year I get inexplicably lost somewhere I walk all the time. Sober or not…reality shifts” – Mary G.

Traffic. duh.” -Kelly M. 

Uber prices to go home are too high after the parades pass so I decide to continue my drinking adventures long after parade drinking until the prices go back down to “save money”” – Daniel P.

Not being able to get where I need to go because of parades.” – Lady W. 



Nuns and/or children sharking throws that were clearly meant for me.” – Betty S.

“Rouses king cake on my table! Just kidding, well maybe not.” – Jenny F.

Being trapped in the box.” – Olivia P. 

“Prying chicken bones and other assorted discarded food items from my dog’s mouth #justeatchickenfingers” – Liz H.

My dad met a new “lady friend” at the parade Sunday afternoon and hasn’t been home since. 😳” – Lindsay S. 

“One Word: LADDERS.” – Tracey M.

A costume trunk so full I have to take everything out to find anything. Which means bonus– feathers everywhere” – Kathy F. 

“Keeping my house clean while searching for costume pieces” – Whitney C.

Well that’s easy: Hangovers” – Dave B. 

“Where to buy ice.” – Lindsey T.


But our favorite quote of them all….

I got 99 problems, but da Mardi Gras ain’t one.” – Annie L. 



What Mardi Gras song are you?

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