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Heather grew up in Richmond, VA, but over 10 years ago, her “1/3 life crisis” led her to New Orleans. She fell in love with the architecture, history, and the neighborhoods, and eventually, with Algiers Point. She has spent the last several years renovating her home there, preserving its historical elements. Ask her what she loves most about New Orleans, and she’ll tell you about its unique, tight-knit neighborhoods where kids ride bikes, people enjoy life, and everybody is up in everybody’s business.


Diplomatic, detailed, and resourceful, Heather enjoys helping her clients make big life changes. She loves that her job gives her a peek into the story of homes – all the life that has happened and will happen for the next owners. She especially likes working with clients who have a vision for what a property could be.


When she’s not at work, you’ll find Heather at festivals or being a tourist in her own town. She is a wanna-be gardener, photographer, art collector, avid front porch sitter, aspiring roller-skater, and street dance party starter. She serves on the board of the Algiers Point Association.


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