Home Buying FAQ

home buying FAQ


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. This home buying FAQ will cover some of the basics and some of the strange ones we get asked!



Home Buying FAQ #1: Do I need a job to buy a house?

If you’re planning on obtaining a loan, then you will need a job or be able to show proof of income.

For our folks in the movie industry, you will need to be currently working on a show to get qualified for a mortgage. For my service industry friends, make sure you have been filing taxes. You have to prove you make the amount you say!


Home Buying FAQ #2: What appliances come with the house? 

It depends! Not every home seller leaves all of their appliances when they sell the house. Many people take their refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Never assume they are automatically included.

However, everything is negotiable and we can always ask!



Home Buying FAQ #3: When do I get to move in/get the keys? 

You get the house keys and you get to move on the day of closing. That date is picked when you write your offer, so make sure to discuss it with your agent if you have a trip planned.


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Home Buying FAQ #4: Do I really need to change the locks? 

10000000% you should! You don’t know who had a spare key to the home you’re buying. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!



Home Buying FAQ #5: Do I need a radon test? 

Nope! New Orleans isn’t an area that you need to get a radon test done.



Home Buying FAQ #6: Does the alarm system stay? 

If the alarm is hard-wired into the home, then it does remain. However, you would have to call and get it activated.


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Home Buying FAQ #7: Do the Nest thermostat and the Ring doorbell stay? 

This is a trickier one. I always tell home sellers to leave the Nest thermostat. But, some sellers want to take them. It’s worth writing it into your contract to ensure it stays. Same goes for the Ring doorbell.



Home Buying FAQ #8: Do the blinds and drapes stay with the home?

The answer should be a resounding yes! In rare cases, the sellers use the drapes or curtains as bargaining chips – but most of the time they automatically stay with the house. (It says so in your contract!)


Home Buying FAQ #9: Who does the fence or tree belong to? 

EEK! This is a common question that we won’t always have an answer for. Most of the time we say that if you can see the back of the fence, then it belongs to your neighbor.

As far as trees go… that’s more of a legal question and we are not attorneys. Find out of there is a survey for your property and go from there.




Don’t hesitate to reach out with any of your lingering questions! 


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