Before Your Home Hits the Market

Things to do before your house hits the market


Ready to sell your New Orleans home? Awesome! Let us provide you with a list of things to do before your home hits the market!


Things to do BEFORE your home hits the market:



Go through all your stuff and start purging. Put all your tchotchkes away. Too much stuff takes away from what we are trying to do – sell your home.



Like really clean. Get in there and use some elbow grease. Or just hire a pro! We provide one professional cleaning service when you list with us, this could be a great time to use it!


Put your photos away. 

All these beautiful family photos that you have hanging – take them down. Well, you don’t have to. Honestly, though, it’s for the best.



Good curb appeal will go a long way. It’s the first visual people have of your home. Put the best foot forward with some fresh flowers and a cleaned up yard.


Track down all that extra info. 

How much is your homeowner’s insurance? Do you have an elevation certificate? What’s your average power bill? We are going to need all this info from you, so start finding it ASAP.


Solar Panels. 

If you lease solar panels, we will need a copy of that lease. We also need to know how difficult it will be to transfer this lease. If you own them, find all the info from when they were installed.



If you really adore a chandelier that’s hanging or the special shower head you purchased – take it down and replace it with something else before you hit the market. The second you tell a buyer it’s not included, they will want it.


Check out our detailed list of things to do before you sell your home!


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