Home Selling & House Feedback

home selling and house feedback


When it comes time to sell your home – you will spend hours scrubbing and hiding things for the house to look its absolute best for the potential home buyer. And the second they leave your house, you might be tempted to text your New Orleans real estate agent and ask, “WHAT DID THEY THINK OF THE HOUSE?!” 

Hold your horses, friend! We will never have feedback that quickly. Like, ever. Also, we may NEVER get any feedback! 

I know. We hate that too. 



First things first

Feedback is like the secret sauce of the real estate world. It’s the golden ticket to understanding potential buyers’ thoughts about your home. But hey, here’s the kicker – it doesn’t always come raining down like confetti at a parade. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, feedback from other agents is elusive. 

Why, you ask? Well, picture this: the real estate world is a whirlwind of schedules, priorities, and oh-so-many properties. Agents are juggling multiple clients, tight timelines, and let’s not forget those unexpected curveballs life throws us. So, while we’d love to have feedback delivered on a silver platter, sometimes it’s more like trying to catch a butterfly with a broken net. Tricky, to say the least!



But wait, there’s more.

Brace yourself for this truth bomb: not all feedback is rainbows and butterflies. Yep, some comments might sting a little. Remember, feedback is subjective, and sometimes it feels like trying to please a panel of judges on a reality show – everyone’s got their own taste.

So, what’s a savvy seller like you supposed to do in the face of this feedback rollercoaster?


house feedback



Here’s the scoop

Focus on the positives! While not every bit of feedback might be a love letter to your home, there’s often a gem or two hidden amidst the comments. Maybe someone adored the natural light in your living room or fell head over heels for the charming backyard oasis you’ve cultivated. It’s like finding a shiny penny in a pile of spare change – small but oh-so-precious.

Oh, and here’s a little secret: sometimes, silence speaks volumes. No news might be good news! If the feedback line is eerily quiet, it could mean that your home ticks all the boxes for potential buyers. Silence doesn’t always mean something’s wrong; it could mean you’ve hit the jackpot in the ‘dream home’ department. 

But we want to prepare you for the fact that, most often, no feedback means they aren’t interested. Sometimes no answer is your answer. 



Now, let’s talk strategy.

In the face of elusive feedback, keep your cool and stay flexible. Adaptation is the name of the game in this ever-changing world. Stay open to tweaking little details based on the feedback you do receive, and remember, your real estate agent is your trusty guide through this maze.



So, dear home seller extraordinaire, embrace the feedback rollercoaster, take the comments with a pinch of salt, and focus on the bright spots. After all, selling your home is like preparing a grand stage – sometimes the reviews surprise you, but the show must go on!

Remember, it’s not just about the feedback; it’s about finding the perfect match for your beloved abode.




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