Home Showings & Why You Should Leave

New Orleans Real estate

New Orleans home sellers, I’m gonna have to be the one that tells you this – LEAVE. Whether you’re having an open house, brokers tour, or just one showing you need to vacate the premises.


Why do I need to leave? 

Honestly, it gets weird. Home buyers don’t feel like they can open any cabinets or closets with you there lurking over their shoulder. If they can’t envision living there, they likely won’t make an offer on your home.


But, I want to make sure they don’t steal anything. 

The great thing about having a local Realtor® on your side is that the property will only be shown by another licensed agent or your listing agent. Other agents must make appointments, so we know who has been through your home.


Make sure to follow these tips for prepping your house for a showing. 


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