Home Showings & Why You Should Leave

New Orleans Real estate


New Orleans home sellers, I’m gonna have to be the one that tells you this – LEAVE. Whether you’re having an open house, brokers tour, or just one showing you need to vacate the premises.


Why do I need to leave? 

Honestly, it gets weird. Homebuyers don’t feel like they can open any cabinets or closets with you there lurking over their shoulder. If they can’t envision living there, they likely won’t make an offer on your home.


But, I want to make sure they don’t steal anything. 

The great thing about having an awesome New Orleans real estate agent on your side is that the property will only be shown by another licensed agent or your listing agent. Other agents must make appointments, so we know who has been through your home.


What about my pets? 

Team Be New Orleans only has pet lovers! We are more than happy to be at every showing and take Sparky out or guard the door so your precious kitty cat doesn’t escape.


Think about when you were shopping for your new home.

Didn’t you want time to explore the house, talk about paint colors, and visualize your artwork? Potential homebuyers also want that same experience. You sitting in your favorite lounger doesn’t provide them with the feeling that it could potentially be their home!


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Did I overprice my home?

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