Hostel Takeover

When I began trying to track down hostels in New Orleans, it proved to be more difficult than one would expect. While you can google and find plenty of them – many of them are not for Louisiana residents and wouldn’t provide me with any information.


The Quisby is the only one in town who was more than willing to chat with me and give me all their info! They opened up on January 17, 2017. (About to be their one year anniversary!)


The Quisby was once the Audubon Hotel that catered to boat captains & deckhands that worked on the river. At different times, the downstairs area served as the site for two, well-known New Orleans establishments – the original Bamboo Dance club &, more recently,  the raucous Audubon Club.


Now that it’s an affordable, but stunning, hostel on the edge of the Lower Garden District & Central City. They offer free breakfast, 24 hour front desk, free wifi, free luggage storage, all ensuite bathrooms, guest laundry, & a fully stocked bar. I know there is a younger crowd in New Orleans that loves going to their bar!


Fun fact! The bunk beds were locally, custom built out of German Beechwood by Gautschi Holz Works, about a mile from the hostel.


Now when your younger cousin from Michigan wants to come down to New Orleans, you can send them to a great, affordable location in the city!


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