Hot Hoods! January Edition

New Orleans Hot Hoods


Wondering what are New Orleans’ hottest neighborhoods? Look no further! I break down what neighborhoods had the most sales in price ranges from $100k to over a million! Take a look below.




0-$100k Gentilly

$100k – $200k Algiers

$200k – $300k Algiers Point & Fairgrounds

$300k – $400k St. Roch & Gentilly

$400k – $500k Lower Coast

$500k – 750k Mid-City

$750k – $1M (tied) Lower Coast, Irish Channel, Bywater, Uptown, Riverside, and Fontainbleau

$1M and beyond Touro


What do these numbers mean?

With a few sales in Gentilly below 100k, it means those houses were in need of a total renovation. Sales in Gentilly tend to trend around $250k-$350k these days.

Algiers sales in the 100-200k range are perfectly normal. It’s affordable and you get more bang for your buck.

The fact St. Roch had that many sales tell me they are finally hitting their stride. (though, I would watch St. Claude too!)

Mid-City really had a few BIG sales! This one is shocking but not indicative of their average sales prices.

Lower Coast made it onto Hot Hoods twice with English Turn and The Arbors really having a big sales month!



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