Hot ‘Hoods: August Edition

hot neighborhoods in New Orleans


Check out what New Orleans’ hottest neighborhoods were in August! (Scroll down for the text version!)



Here’s the rundown of the hottest neighborhoods in New Orleans in August:

  • 0-100k: New Orleans East
  • 100k-200k: New Orleans East & Algiers
  • 200k-300k: Algiers & Gentilly
  • 300k-400k: Gentilly & Lakeview
  • 400k-500k: Lakeview & Milan
  • 500k-750k: Lakeview & West End
  • 750k-1 Million: Riverside
  • 1M & Up: Garden District


What does the term “hottest neighborhoods” mean for real estate?

All too common these days, we see New Orleans East as the front runner for home sales at $100k and below. Does this mean it’s not a hot neighborhood? No! Of course not! But, it does mean that this section of New Orleans is not inching up in price.

Moving on, Algiers is a frequent winner of the $100k-$200k price point. Despite what some believe, Algiers is not its own city and is a part of New Orleans proper.

Lakeview is one of those neighborhoods that can range wildly from $400k to over $700k. They do have a problem with their older homes competing with new builds though.

The Riverside neighborhood is one of our top hottest neighborhoods right now! If you can find a distressed home and are willing to put in some dollars and elbow grease, you can find yourself with an amazing investment. Whether you’re in East or West Riverside, price points have gone up and the area has remained a stable place to purchase a home.

Gentilly somehow continues to flourish. Quality new homes are being built in this community. Due to this, Gentilly keeps being featured as one of the hottest neighborhoods!

Hottest neighborhood ever: Garden District. This section of New Orleans just won’t go out of style.



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