How to Determine Your Home’s Worth

How to determine your home's worth


Whether you’re trying to figure out if you should sell your house or just curious about the value of your home – you might be wondering how to determine your home’s worth.

In the state of Louisiana, it’s a little more challenging than in other places. We are here to guide you into finding out how you can figure out your home’s value!



Ask Your Realtor

Contact your most trusted New Orleans realtor, and they can help you out. They will likely need to do a walkthrough of your home first. Be prepared to give them a list of any improvements you have made to the house.

After eyeballing your place and digging deep into some comps, your real estate agent should be able to give you a pretty accurate ballpark of your home’s worth.

(Remember, when hiring an agent, you don’t want the person who tells you the highest number. Ask to see the comps.)




Get an appraisal

Hiring an appraiser is a great way to determine your home’s worth!

If you live in a unique home or your real estate market in your neighborhood is all over the place, we always suggest getting an appraisal done. Some people like to get them no matter what the market is like, and that’s ok too!

Before going any further, we need to note this: You can bring 5 appraisers out and get 5 different prices. Ask your Realtor for a recommendation.



Don’t look at random websites.

The Louisiana Real Estate Commission does not offer sold information to Zillow,, or other similar websites. Your “Zestimate” is typically not an accurate number.

If home sellers gave the buyers 10k in repair costs, you wouldn’t see that on Zillow. You also won’t see property condition, if any closing costs were given, and other house information that could drastically change the value.




Lastly, we want to leave you on the note that it doesn’t matter what your neighbor got for their house unless your houses are identical and in the same condition.

The real estate market fluctuates a lot and can change rapidly. If you got an appraisal done 6 months ago, you likely need to get a new one done today.



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