How to Dispute your Tax Assessment in New Orleans

How to Dispute your Tax Assessment in New Orleans


If you’re an Orleans parish homeowner, you may have found yourself with a property tax bill that you’re uncomfortable with. So, how to dispute your tax assessment in New Orleans? For many, the increases in property tax make their monthly mortgage note unaffordable. Your property taxes increase based on what the assessor’s office deems your property value. Here’s how to dispute that value! 


PLEASE NOTE: You only have until the open roll period from July 15th to August 16th to dispute your assessed value. If you did not receive a notice from the assessor, head to their website to check your new assessed value



#1: Contact your Realtor or get an appraisal ASAP

Contact your Realtor and ask them to pull some comparables of nearby sales. If these sales are lower than your assessed value, then you can use those to help state your case. 

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#2: Do you qualify for a tax freeze? 

If you’re 65 or older, have specific disabilities, or are a surviving spouse of an armed forces member killed in action, you may qualify for a tax freeze. Here’s the application to get you started. 



#3: Schedule an appointment 

While walk-ins are allowed, schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to bring your proof that your house should not be assessed at this inflated amount. Here’s the link to schedule an appointment. 



#4: Is your house in worse condition than they realize? 

The assessor’s office only uses exterior photos and recent sales prices to determine your home’s value. Are you in need of significant shoring work? Is the house partially gutted? Whatever it is, get a contractor to give you a quote for needed repairs and use that to help argue your case! 




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