How to Pick a Buyer’s Agent


We have said it repeatedly – not all agents are the same. Picking a buyer’s agent should not be done lightly. The difference in service and skills can make or break your entire transaction. (And it could be a rough 30-45 days during the deal if your agent isn’t on top of things!)


Here is our advice on how to pick a buyer’s agent: 


#1: Do they work with buyers? 

This is a serious question to ask! Not all real estate agents work with buyers any longer – or it’s been quite some time. Don’t hire an agent who has only worked with a handful of buyers in the last few years. They are not ready for our current market.



#2: How many buyers did you help purchase homes last year? 

This answer will be telling! The national average per year that a real estate agent sells is 5 or 6 houses. Be New Orleans helped 60 buyers purchase homes last year to put this in perspective.



#3: What is your schedule like? 

Some real estate agents only work part-time. They may not be available to show houses after you get off work or on the weekends. If their schedule doesn’t align with yours – keep looking for an agent.



#4: Do you live near the areas I’m looking or are you familiar with them? 

If the agent you’re interviewing lives in Baton Rouge, and you’re looking to purchase in New Orleans, you should continue your search. They may not be as familiar with New Orleans homes, our market, and what is going on in areas you’re interested in. Pick an agent who can meet you for a last-minute house showing and won’t need an hour (at minimum) to get there!



#5: Are you a full-time real estate agent? 

I would never hire someone who is only part-time. This is likely the largest transaction of your life. If your real estate agent is only available after 5, how do they help you with inspections, meeting plumbers, etc.? There is a lot to do in a real estate transaction, and you deserve to be their main priority.



#6: How is the market? 

Any good buyers agent should be able to communicate with you what is happening in the current real estate market. If they tell you it’s not full of bidding wars and offers far over the asking price, they are not setting you up for success! A great real estate agent will be honest – even if that answer isn’t something you want to hear.



#7: Did/Can they explain the paperwork to you? 

We always like going over real estate paperwork with our potential buyers, so they know what they are getting themselves into. If your potential agent can’t explain a contract to you, line for line, they may not be the person you want to hire. While we aren’t lawyers, we need to make sure all the terms in your contract are met. Your agent should also know all the loopholes in the contract as well. You want to hire someone who KNOWS their paperwork!



#8: Read their reviews

Google whomever you’re meeting and read their reviews! These will give you insight into what kind of real estate agent they are!



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