How to Prep for House Photos


All your hard work is completed! You have weeded the garden, painted the living room, and finally finished all those projects that were half-done the past three years. Now your real estate agent is coming over with their photographer to get the very best shots of your home.

To make your home look even better, we have a few more things for you to complete. Here is our list on how to prep for house photos: 


  1. Close all the toilet seat lids
  2. Open all the blinds and curtains
  3. Wash your windows
  4. Turn off all TVs
  5. Hide the pet’s bowls & beds
  6. Get all the kid’s toys in a toy chest
  7. Make the beds
  8. Put pretty hand towels in the bathroom
  9. Put all bathroom hygiene items in a closet or cabinet
  10. Wipe down the front door and sweep the porch
  11. Clear the kitchen countertops
  12. Move your cars from the driveway
  13. Hide your trash cans 
  14. Turn on all the lights – including lamps
  15. Turn off all fans
  16. If you have a pool, put all inflatables & toys away 
  17. Clear the photos and notes from the refrigerator 
  18. Remove all phone chargers and additional electronics from counters and bedside tables
  19. Replace burned-out lightbulbs


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