How to Sell your House While Going Through a Divorce

how to sell your house while going through a divorce


Divorce. It ain’t easy – but 35-50% of marriages end this way. What happens when you own a home together, though? Here’s how to sell your house while going through a divorce.



Are there attorneys involved? 

First things first, do you both have attorneys involved? Is there an agreement that you sell the house together and split the money?

If you have both acquired attorneys, confirm with your lawyer about any agreement you may have already committed to regarding the sale of the house. Many times with lawyers, you have a document that spells out how the money will be dispersed after the closing.



Is anyone living in the house, and are they open to selling?

If one spouse is still living there and not looking to sell the house, you will likely need an attorney and a court order. However, if one spouse lives there and wants to sell, we can have showings around a schedule that works for them.



No attorneys. No problems. We just want to sell.

This is easier if everything is amicable and you both are ready to sell the house.



My soon-to-be ex is only on the title of the house.

Removing someone from the title of the house only is a little different. You cannot sell without them unless they are no longer on the home’s title.



How can Team Be New Orleans help from here?

Even amicable divorces can get touchy. We will bring an appraiser out to determine the “value” of your home. From there, we will sign property disclosures and a listing agreement to get your house on the market. Having an appraiser’s opinion helps diffuse disagreements about the listing price.

We will communicate with you both (separately if need be) and keep everyone on the same page. We don’t play favorites and are working towards selling your house for top dollar in the time frame you need to be completed.



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