Hummus Among Us

The other afternoon I went out for lunch and had some VERY subpar hummus at a restaurant with that featured in the name. After complaining on Facebook, I had suggestions of places to go and who has the very best. My personal favorite is 1000 Figs. And I don’t need to feature them to know it. I know everyone loves Shaya, but I wasn’t making a reservation for just hummus. So, I grabbed my friend, Brigette, and made her go try 4 different places in two hours, for some candid reviews.

We went down St. Roch and tried out Kebab.

Before going, there was a heated debate on Facebook on whether or not their hummus was good. Brigette and I would be the judges today! First, let me note, that they have old school pinball machines, they serve alcohol, and almost everything was under $10. Kebab also offers, as Brigette said, “frou-frou stuff” like house made sodas and young coconut. Their pita bread was thicker, which I normally like. However, this was chewy – almost as if it was under cooked. The hummus was chunkier, also I’m cool with, but didn’t have a ton of flavor. It was better when dipped with hummus and olive oil mix. The hummus on its own was fine.


Next we went to Fontainebleau to try out Pyramids Cafe. I haven’t been here in ages and had no recollection of taste. We were going in blindly!

Brigette and I have a disagreeing opinions for this place. The second the hummus touched my tongue I thought “that is way too much tahini.” She really liked it and thought it topped Kebab. They had thin, grilled pita to accompany this overwhelming tahini flavored hummus. If you love that flavor, then head over there! This is also when I began questioning if I only liked “Americanized” hummus.


We jumped in the Prius and headed over to Shwarma on the Go. This place is HOT right now. There isn’t a day that passes that someone doesn’t post about them. I’m about to shut all of that down. Kidding!!

It was runny – almost a thicker soup consistency. It tasted like it was full of olive oil. I love olive oil, but this a lot. If they just backed off the EVOO a touch, it would have made a world of difference. Out of the three options so far, I still would choose this one.

Editors Note: Before you start yelling about “you should have tried the shwarma, or the blah blah” – you can stop. This post about the hummus among us!


Last stop for the day was in Mid-City at Mona’s.

Boom! I found my favorite of the day! I felt it was a great balance for the tahini, olive oil, and chickpea flavor. I don’t have a lot of things to say about it, because it was what I set out to find when we started. And Brigette and I began gossiping about a tv show and both seemed fine with what we were eating with no commentary necessary.


I’m sure there are plenty of other great places in the city to have hummus. Please add a comment below so I can make sure to try them out!