32 Dishes to Try in New Orleans


Here at Be New Orleans, we don’t claim to be “foodies.” What we do claim though, is to love some damn food! New Orleans has so many great restaurants and dishes that it’s hard to narrow down. But, our team rose to the challenge and compiled our favorites to share with you!


Algiers Point 

#1: Barracuda’s Broccoli Tacos: While this restaurant has two locations, we wanted to shout out the Algiers Point spot because it’s just absolutely adorable and built into an old gas station. This dish is formally called the “Farmer’s tacos” and is vegan and gluten-free (though you would never know!). The sunflower caesar dressing on it has you running back to order a few more!




#2: Elizabeth’s Red Neck Eggs: Fried green tomatoes with poached eggs and hollandaise – yes, please! Jennifer says these are not to be missed when you head to one of the city’s best breakfast joints.


Photo courtesy of Barracuda’s Facebook Page



#3: Brigsten’s Dirty Rice: Y’all. Leslie & Heather make a regular appearance at Brigsten’s just for this dirty rice and always take some to go as well! Whether it’s on its own, made into a po-boy (it’s called a dirty boy, y’all!), or reheated for breakfast with an egg on top, you’re gonna need to try it.



French Quarter

#4: Bennachin’s Fried Plantains with Coconut cream: Carolyn says this dish will have you licking the bowl!

#5: Sobou’s Burger with Foie Gras Fondue: This is another Carolyn pick! she emphasized that adding the foie gras is a MUST!

#6: Bijou’s Steak & Frites: The tomatillo-avocado salsa on the steak just sets it to a new level! Heather & Leslie were clamoring to tell you about it!

#7: Irene’s Cheesecake: Heather, our resident dessert expert, says that this cheesecake is one of the finest she’s ever had!

#8: Mr. B’s BBQ Shrimp: Carolyn’s Pro-Tip is to soak the toasted baguette slices in the sauce and to order more bread to finish it off.

#9: Evangeline’s Chicken & Biscuit with Alligator Gravy: Served with breakfast potatoes, you’re not going to leave hungry.


Photo courtesy of Mr. B’s website



#10: Val’s Fish Tacos: Jennifer says to pair these tacos with one of their signature cocktails and it makes any Taco Tuesday feel fancier

#11: Windowsill Pies’ Chocolate and Strawberry hand pie: While this is a seasonal item, it’s still one of the best things Leslie has ever consumed. You won’t be able to get enough of it!



Garden District

#12: Commander’s Palace Bread Pudding Souffle: Heather wants to make sure y’all remember to order this at the beginning of your meal. While it takes a while to prep, you will be so pleased when it is delivered to your table

#13: Daily Beet’s Summer Kale Salad: Jennifer said to not be fooled by thinking this is “just another salad” as it’s one of her favorite things in the city.



Irish Channel

#14: Parasol’s Irish Sunday: One of Carolyn’s favorite comfort foods, it’s potato salad topped with homemade roast beef gravy and spicy mayo


Photo Courtesy of Gris Gris’ Facebook page


Lower Garden District

#15: Gris Gris’ Oyster BLT: This appetizer is completed with pork belly, tomato jam, and sugarcane vinegar. Y’all. Do not sleep on this.

#16: Blue Giant’s Duck Lo Mein: Carolyn says to round out your meal with the chili oil cucumbers too

#17: Turkey & the Wolf Wedge Salad: While everyone loves the fried bologna there, Carolyn swear the wedge salad is the real way to go. Topped with homemade bleu cheese and everything bagel seasoning – delicious!




#18: Paladar 511’s Arancini Ball: It’s filled with short rib ragu and Leslie swears it can’t be topped.

#19: Paladar 511’s Breakfast Pizza: Both Heather & Jennifer says that this pizza topped with mascarpone and a fried egg is the best way to cure yourself after a Saturday night adventure




#20: Clesi’s Crawfish: Perfectly seasoned with all the accouterments, Leslie had her elopement after-party here!




#21: Del Fuego’s Queso Fundido: housemade green chorizo topped with spinach and broiled cheese. Leslie says she’s not willing to share.

#22: Avo’s Meatballs: Whenever Heather & Leslie head to Avo, they must get their own order of these meatballs. While it’s an app, it could be a meal! Pro tip: save your focaccia bread for dipping



7th Ward

#23: Green Room’s Beet Burger: Jennifer is in love with their veggie burger topped with goat cheese! đŸ˜‹


Photos courtesy of Del Fuego Facebook Page


St. Claude

#24: N7’s Soy Sauce creme brulee: We have literally never had anything like this. There aren’t even words to describe. Trust us though, order it.

#25: N7’s Escargot Tempura: It’s unexpected and divine!




#26: Willie Mae’s Scotch House’s Fried chicken & Butter Beans: Leslie’s father once exclaimed that they tasted as good at his grandmother’s recipe. While this place can get touristy, it’s worth it.




#27: Baru’s Lamb Sliders: it’s lamb in bite-size form. Need we say more? (They may not always be on the menu! So check back!)


Photo courtesy of Willie Mae’s Facebook page


Warehouse District

#28: Peche’s Area 3 Raw Oysters: Salty and perfect, these are Leslie’s favorite oysters. Served with the perfect mignonette, they will keep you diving in.

#29: Herbsaint’s Filet Au Poivre: Served with fries and a pimenton (smoked paprika) aioli, this is one of Heather’s go-to dishes in the city


West Riverside

#30: Patois’ Burger: Heather will come for you if you say this is just another burger. The layers of flavor and the caramelized onions send it to the next level.

#31: Clancy’s Boston Salad: Another Heather favorite, she says it’s the mixture of walnuts, bleu cheese, and hearts of palm together that set it off.



#32: Mosca’s Chicken a la Grande: while some people don’t like ordering chicken at a restaurant, Heather will tell you that you will never cook one this good at home!



We hope you enjoy our favorite dishes as much as we enjoy eating them! 


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