I Know A Guy! (And a Gal!)

New Orleans home selling


After buying your New Orleans home, you have just begun a very long journey into homeownership.

Some of the homeowner details others don’t tell you are that windows break, water heaters leak, and your HVAC needs upkeep. You will likely have some curve ball thrown your way while you’re a homeowner.

At some point, you’re going to need an electrician, a plumber, a roofer, a handyman, a kitchen renovator, a heating/cooling repair person. Hell, you may need someone for raccoon removal in your attic, a termite professional and whomever else shows up in unmarked vans.


And then there are the people who save us from ourselves – the gardeners and cleaners.


One of the best things about being a New Orleans real estate agent is discovering and staying connected with service providers for homeowners. Our clients know that no matter what happens to their home, they can call us and we have a professional to recommend to them!


Sure, we can help with stagers, movers, title companies, and lenders. But’s it so much more than that.


Our Favorite Service Providers: 


Mortgage Lenders

Courtlin Donner-Noggerath with NOLA Lending 504-812-2156

Allison Byrd with Gulf Coast Bank and Trust 504-952-1660


Title Companies

Delta Title 504-885-9222

Actual Title 504-828-1600 ext 6

Crescent Title 504-866-5151


Home Inspectors

Michael J Turner Home Inspections 504-382-2410

Axelrad Home Inspections 504-799-9401


Termite Companies

Dial One Franklynn Pest Control 504-885-3101

J & J Exterminating 504-883-6305


Video Pipe Inspections

Pipe Check 504-723-7854

Pipes R Us 504-866-2730



Pipes R Us 504-866-2730

Al Bourgeois Plumbing & Heating 504-521-6070

Royal Flush Plumbing 504-234-2693


HVAC Companies

Help! AC & Heating 504-733-5888

Bryan’s United 504-208-2071


Arborist / Tree & Lawn Services

A Perfect Cut Tree Service 504-432-2039

Mekdessie Brothers Lawn Services 504-256-9831

Antball Landscaping 504-357-4254



Steve Thompson 504-723-4795

Mike Brady 504-382-9869


Handy Person

Johnny Leo 917-292-8865

Keith Hajjar 504-813-0671

Calvin Robinson 210-275-4314

Daren Sumrow 985-778-9280


Foundation Expert

Robert Turner 504-239-4624

Roy Greenwood 504-382-2687



Danny Meeks 504-908-1179

EM Improvements 407-446-4202



If you know a great person who should be on our service provider list – drop their name in the comments below. 


Do you need a guy or gal to help in your home? Send a text and ask! 


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