How to Buy a House in New Orleans

How to buy a home in New Orleans


Are you wondering, “how do I buy a house in New Orleans?” Well, you’ve stopped at the right place. Team Be New Orleans can guide you through the one-way streets and potholes of home buying. 


Traditionally you would start your home-buying journey like this: 

  • Pick a Realtor
  • Talk to a local lender
  • Figure out your wants and needs
  • See some houses! 


In the world we live in now, this list stays true, but you’ve likely already been shopping for homes online and have Googled a lot of your questions. Maybe you’ve even gone to a few open houses! Honestly, this is great. We find that when most people take the time to figure out what they want and need in a place ahead of time, it helps eliminate homes that aren’t the right fit. 

However, some of these random Google searches about home buying will land you on pages that don’t address New Orleans homebuyers’ needs. That’s where we step in! 


How to buy a house in New Orleans


New Orleans Home Buying Step #1: Find an Amazing Realtor

Well, since you’re already here, we might just be the right fit for you. But, if we aren’t the right fit, that’s ok too. Finding a New Orleans real estate agent who understands what you’re looking for is crucial. 

What are your long-term plans? What neighborhood fits your lifestyle? Do you work from home and need a quiet street? Do you love cooking or need a huge yard for your dogs? These questions and more are things we want to know about you as we begin your home search. 



New Orleans Home Buying Step #2: Financing

How are you going to pay for this home? Like most homebuyers, you will probably get a mortgage. How do you know who to work with with a million loan officers out there? 

Local is almost always better. Finding a terrific local lender will make your home-buying experience better. 

As your real estate agent, we can refer you to a great mortgage lender who will look out for your best interests. Whether you need down payment assistance, closing cost help, or the best interest rate, we want to ensure you’re happy with the financing of your home. 



New Orleans Home Buying Step #3: Find a House

According to the national average, most people see about five houses before picking “the one.” 

We want to let you know that some people only see one house, and others see 40 homes. There are no right or wrong amount of places to visit. 

So, don’t let your mom tell you that you must see ten more houses before choosing the right one. Consequently, many people have lost their dream homes because friends or family encouraged them to “keep looking.” 


Make an Offer



New Orleans Home Buying Step #4: Make an Offer

Once we find the perfect home for you, we will make an offer! 

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New Orleans Home Buying Step #5: Home Inspections

Getting home inspections is a critical step when buying a home. In New Orleans, we encourage our homebuyers to get general home inspections, a video pipe inspection, and a termite inspection. 

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How to buy a home in New Orleans


New Orleans Home Buying Step #6: Property Inspection Response 

Your property inspection response is your chance to ask for repairs or money off of the house you’re buying. We also call these repair negotiations. 

How do we decide what to ask for? 

We will look at the inspection reports and determine the essential items. From there, we may get quotes from a licensed professional to decide on the amount of money to ask for. The other option is to ask the seller to make any repairs for you. 

This portion of the home-buying process tends to be the most stressful. You may also decide to cancel the contract and walk away during this time. We have to do what’s best for you! 



New Orleans Home Buying Step #7: The Appraisal

We will order the appraisal if you decide to purchase this home after repair negotiations. 

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final walk through



New Orleans Home Buying Step #8: The Re-Inspection

If the seller has done repairs on the home, we must ALWAYS do a re-inspection. This is because many home sellers do not complete the repairs. Maybe they forgot. Maybe their contractor told them the work was done. It doesn’t matter the reason; it’s our job to ensure the repairs done are adequate. 

Once you purchase the home, you cannot ask the seller to make any repairs, even if they agree to! You’re buying this house “as-is.”

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New Orleans Home Buying Step #9: The Final Walk-Thru

The final walk-thru will sometimes coincide with the re-inspection of the property. 

What do we check for in the final walk-thru?

  • Are the appliances still there that they agreed to leave? 
  • Are there any new leaks that weren’t present before? 
  • Is the house in the same or better condition as we saw it previously? 
  • Is everything functioning correctly? 


After the final walk-thru, you take the house in that exact condition. 


New Orleans Home Buying Step #10: The Closing! 

Your day has arrived, and you are now a homeowner! 

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While many things can happen between all these home-buying steps, this list will guide you through the main components. 



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