Local Greeting Cards in New Orleans


Greetings, birthdays, holidays, baby announcements – whatever it is, I am sending you a card.

I LOVE sending and receiving correspondence through the old snail mail system. And what’s awesome is that many of you have begun feeling the same way after the debacle that was 2020… that has stretched into 2021.

We all know that Be New Orleans lives and breaths for supporting locals, so we have gathered up a way for you to get some hilarious, sweet, and NSFW cards to send out to your best pals.



Non-Brick & Mortar Locals to Support


#1: Sassy Banana Design Co. 

ohmygod – these greeting cards are so much fun! With hyperlocal cards and pop culture references, you’re gonna crack up perusing this website.

Some of my favorites – Feed the Second Line card pack, Pin A Dolla to Ya birthday card, & the Bayou Yacht Club mug.

Gifts, stickers, magnets, and prints can all be found on their site as well!


Photo Courtesy of Sassy Banana Design Co.



#2: The Badass Women

Do you have that friend who is super progressive? A supporter of other women? A feminist? A champion for equal rights? Lover of women’s history?

Whether you have one or fifty of these friends in your life, you need to grab a postcard book from Badass Women. If you’re having trouble parting with the postcards to send to others, grab the calendar they offer too!



#3: Us & We Art

Yo. You’re gonna have to like some weird stuff to be into this. But, for this who are – you have found your person. While the messages are sweet, the drawings are simply unique. Personally, I can’t wait for these to hit the mailboxes of my nearest and dearest.

They also offer pet portraits, fun postcards of creatures made from maps, and prints!



Photo courtesy of Kelly Draws


#4: Kelly Draws

Y’all. You’re about to be transported to what would be a Pinterest board of someone who loves New Orleans.

With precious greeting cards that are perfectly New Orleans – Kelly also makes CUSTOM return address stamps. Basically, she is upping your mail game.



#5: Pen15 Club

NSFW NSFW NSFW!!! Before clicking that link – this is NOT safe for work!

Pen15 Club has cards for your adult friends who really enjoy some questionable but hilarious humor. You can find phallic greeting cards for a wedding or birthday. But, our personal favorite is the coloring book. Just click the link for your own amusement.


Photo Courtesy of Alex Pulitizer


#6: Alexa Pulitzer

Less greeting cards and more exquisite notecards, Alexa’s pieces feel classic with a touch of whimsy. Personal favorites are the dog ones (find your breed!) and the royal giraffe.

If her designs look familiar to you, I promise you have seen them across town, including Mignon Faget.

FYI: she also designs wallpaper that is easy to take off when you’re done with it!



#7: Lyla Clayre

Lyla’s work is iconic and can be found across New Orleans in small shops. Her stunning watercolor prints have been transformed into greeting cards for you.

They are my favorite to send because you know the recipient is receiving an incredible piece of art and they work for every occasion!



Brick & Mortar Local Shops


#1: Lionheart Prints

Lionheart Prints is one of my favorite shops in the city. No matter the occasion, they will have an amusing and light-hearted card for you.

Particular about pens? Lionheart has an entire wall dedicated to that! It’s what my 11-year-old heart always dreamed of!

Plenty of gifts, stunning stationery, and their own gift wrap make Lionheart Prints a one-stop-shop.


Photo Courtesy of Lionheart Prints


#2: The GOOD Shop

Fair warning: you’re not going to leave here with just some greeting cards.

Once you walk into this store and see the clothing, candles, soaps, and art, you might forget what you came here for. Feel free to get derailed because this shop is all about supporting other locals and sustainability. Their card selection is filled with different local artists, and you might have a hard time choosing just one!



#3: Scriptura

This is New Orleans’ high-end stationery and card shop. Their items are stunning, and you can order custom stationery for your desk. If you’re just on the hunt for greeting cards, don’t fret because they are bountiful here too.

Many of their blank cards have wonderfully designed, southern themes to them as well. Think magnolias, sweet olive, and oak trees!



#4: Glitter Box

Talk about a shop that puts their money where their mouth is. Every month, they donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity, usually representing marginalized or underserved communities.

While their online store shows you some amazing offerings, it’s so much better to go in person. (Fair warning, you will end up buying other items too!)

Their greeting card selection ranges from fun to empowering, from raunchy to lovely. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!



#5: Pack Rat Shipping Services

Yes, I am seriously listing a mailing and shipping place. If you have been to Pack Rat – then you already know!

While they can absolutely ship your king cakes, along with everything else, they have a great selection of locally made cards! I even have purchased one handmade by a local 11-year-old.


Photo Courtesy of Slow Down NOLA


#6: C’mere

The name already has me swooning – but then throw in adorable food jewelry – I’m sold, friends. C’mere is on the edge of the Marigny and perfect for picking up some awesome greeting cards while shopping for other locally made gifts!



#7: Slow Down

Smack dab on Magazine Street in the Garden District, you will find Slow Down. You might mistake them for “just” a clothing shop at first, but head right in to find more!

While they do have fun gifts and clothing, Slow Down’s card selection is where it’s at. You won’t find run of the mill cards here!



Did we miss one of your favorite shops or artists that makes or sells greeting cards? Email us! 


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