Locations that Might Get You a Better Deal


Everyone wants to feel like they got a deal on a house. However, in the real estate world, we live in right now – it’s very difficult to get a bargain – even if the house needs a lot of renovations! What locations might get you a better house price than some of your fellow neighbors? Let’s explore!



Location #1: A Busy street

Busy street homes are always hard to sell. They don’t sell for as much money and just generally are tougher to get a buyer into. This could be a great scenario for you though!

Our advice is to check out those homes when they’ve been sitting on the market for a while. The sellers will start to get anxious and want to get the house under contract quickly.

What does this mean for you in the long run: We need a good deal so you can offer the same to the next buyer. Busy street homes are ideal in higher sought after neighborhoods.



Location #2: Cemeteries

People who didn’t grow up in New Orleans are not accustomed to living near a cemetery. They find it quite creepy. All the while, we know it’s the very best neighbors to have! Houses close to cemeteries typically have a lower resale than houses not in the eye line of one.

If the house you’re eyeing by the cemetery hasn’t had a ton of traction or offers, this could be a great opportunity for you to scoop one up!

Keep in mind: Not all New Orleanians mind a cemetery right by their homes. But, this isn’t ideal for everyone. When we go to resell, make sure the house is kept up beautifully so future buyers won’t bat an eye at the headstones!



Location #3: Schools

There is something about being able to see a school that turns people off. I don’t know if it’s the sound of kids, the traffic when school gets out, or I don’t even know what – but houses near schools are just harder to sell.

What do you do as the buyer? Make a lower offer. (This doesn’t always work as it’s not a turnoff for all buyers!)

What do you do as the seller? Price it accordingly and be ready for the feedback!



Location #4: Near churches

I have many clients who live near churches and LOVE it! They love hearing the choir sing on Sundays. It’s typically only for a couple of hours one day a week.

But, man, some home buyers are weird about it! They make up scenarios as to why the church would be an issue for the location.

It could be an opportunity for a deal ONLY if the house has been sitting on the market for a while! However, New Orleanians seem to care less about this and embrace their neighbors even more.




Location #5: Train tracks

It is rare to find someone who wants to live near train tracks. Trains are loud and they end up blocking roads at the most inconvenient times. Houses that are super close to train tracks almost always sell for far less.

If the noise won’t bother you – then it’s something to consider!



Location #6: Near the airport

Living super close to the airport can get noisy at ALL hours. These home sellers are going to struggle as flights will be taking off during showings. The plane traffic will inevitably turn off home buyers. Again, like trains, if you can live with the noise – then let’s get it!



The most important thing to remember is that if you’re buying these locations is that you will likely need to give the next buyer a “deal.” Make great improvements, make it adorable, and we can get it sold quickly!


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