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When we meet with home buyers for the first time, one of the questions that helps us immensely is, “If you can only pick two, would you have size, location, or condition?”

This question never fails to get us down to the nitty-gritty of what you’re looking for.

Why do we ask this? Because, unfortunately, you’re not going to get it all. We want to try and find the house with it all, and knowing the top two priorities will help us get there!





For some people, it’s all about the size!

Whether you need lots of square footage, yard space, bedrooms, or a movie theater – we get it. When we talk about the house size, we want to know which one of these things is more important to you. Some home buyers only want 2 bedrooms, but want lots of living space. Others may want large rooms, ample closets, and an acre in the back.

Size does not always mean big, though! We talk with plenty of buyers who say they don’t want to be busy cleaning house each weekend, so the smaller the better.






When it comes to the condition of the home, we find this to be the most important one that people choose.

Are you handy? Or maybe you’re looking for a full-blown renovation to make the house truly unique. Large renovations are not for the faint of heart! (and they typically have special financing needs!) If this is what you’re looking for – let’s make sure you’re prepared. If you need a contractor, we can hook you up. If you just need an outdated house that needs upgrades, we can handle that too.

Maybe you’re looking for something more move-in ready. And it’s ok if you want a home that has already been renovated for you!

Just let us know what you want and we can help find it.





Why is location so important to some people?

Well, it might be that they don’t have a car and need public transportation readily available. Others may want to be as far from city-life as possible.

At the end of the day, we aren’t going to be able to pick up your house and move it. We need to make sure you have a location that you’re happy with!

If location doesn’t matter to you, that’s cool too. All we need to know is a general round about area that you’re ok with.

You can take our neighborhood quiz to find your perfect location.


No matter which two are most important to you, make sure the discussion is had about size, condition, and location of your next home! 



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