Lovely Lakeview

For new people rolling through the neighborhood of Lakeview, they might believe this is a newer section of town. That is due to the post-Katrina world we are in that Lakeview had a lot of rebuilding to do. Many homes were torn down and rebuilt so they were higher off the ground. Lakeview was semi-rural area before WWII & afterwards more of it began to be developed. (For a more detailed Lakeview history, check out the story from the NOLA History Guy.)

Lakeview is a great spot for people who want to live in the city, but not “in” the city. It’s a perfect location to getting to City Park quickly and jetting out of town on the I-10.

While they may have plenty of residential space, they can still brag about some great local businesses.


Lakeview Brew

Open 7 days a week, Lakeview Brew offer breakfast, lunch, & dinner. January will make their 11 year anniversary. They have such a homey feel, like you’re going to have lunch as your grandma’s. If you enjoy dining al fresco, Lakeview Brew provides that! They sometimes do wine tastings & poetry readings too.


Needle Arts

While Needle Arts Studio has only been in Lakeview neighborhood for 5 years, they spent the previous 25 in Metairie. Walking in, your eyes are delighted with the wall of colorful yarn. Needle Arts also offers one on one instruction for needle point. They sell hand painted canvases from worldwide artists. They can also take your stitched canvases and turn them into ornaments, pillows, & other items!


Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe

The second you open the door to Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe you feel immediately like your childhood is back in full bloom. The staff was immediately ready to tell us everything there was to know about this place. March will mark their 3 year anniversary. And while they haven’t been there very long, they already have developed a huge fan base. One of our favorite things about this shoppe is that you can choose you items online and pick them up later that day & it will be wrapped & ready to go! Most people utilize this feature, as there were multiple orders waiting to be wrapped when we got there. Our lovely sales associate on hand said that she knows most of her customers personally, so she’s always able to help them find the perfect gift in their price range – which is something you don’t get from big retail stores.


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