Naturally New Orleans East


The New Orleans neighborhood, New Orleans East, is often forgotten by locals. I hate to say that – but there is truth to it. The East has many different subdivisions, with some of them being gated. Having to virtually rebuild from the ground up after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans East has dedicated residents opening some fantastic businesses. Here is a glimpse into a few, along with the most gorgeous airport in the country.


Brain Freeze Snoballs

New Orleans businesses


Brain Freeze Snoballs sits on Haynes Blvd., conveniently located right next to Castnet Seafood. Serving up almost every flavor imaginable, Brain Freeze snoballs will satisfy your sweet tooth all summer long. This snoball stand also offers other snacks, such as soft-serve ice cream and nachos. There are a few picnic tables right out front for folks to relax or get out of the rain. Bring the kids by for an after school treat, or take a Sunday trip with the family and cool down with a Brain Freeze snoball!



Southshore Donuts and Restaurant

New Orleans East


Southshore Donuts is as basic as it gets. This 24-hour greasy spoon consists of a simple lunch counter with a few stools. Their menu features simple breakfast plates, as well as po-boys and burgers. But there is only one real reason to stop at Southshore- the donuts! These delicious pastries are available 24/7 and are well worth the trip. From plain glazed rings to jelly-filled pillows of fried doughy goodness, Southshore Donuts will leave you wanting more. This a great spot to get breakfast treats for the office, or several dozen for a school function or conference.



New Orleans Lakefront Airport

New Orleans Lakefront Airport


Formerly known as the New Orleans Shushan Airport, the Lakefront Airport holds its own place in New Orleans history. Intended to be “the Air Hub of the Americas,” the Lakefront Airport was the first major airport in the area. During an extensive transformation in the 1960’s, the terminal was transformed into office spaces and a bomb shelter. After sustaining flooding and damage in Hurricane Katrina, the Lakefront Airport was renovated and its stunning original Art Deco architecture restored. Today, the Lakefront Airport is once again fully operational, and the terminal features three event spaces available for rent. This space is a perfect setting for holiday parties or receptions, offering beautiful décor and a glimpse into New Orleans’ unique past.


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