New Construction in New Orleans

New Construction in New Orleans


We know. New construction in New Orleans sounds like an oxymoron. This city is known for its homes that are over 100 years old. However, many people are on the hunt for new construction. It may have you asking, “How do I find new construction homes in New Orleans?”

The easy answer to this question is to tell you to pack your bags and head to the Northshore. However, not all of us are ready for a $5 toll to come back into the city. Before you head North for your newly built home, let Team Be New Orleans tell you where else to check out!


New Construction Location #1: Arabi & Chalmette

That’s right! Good ‘ol St. Bernard parish has LOTS of brand new homes. Whether you want a custom build or an already completed house – you’ve got options. Numerous builders are working in the area. So, if one style doesn’t strike your fancy, you’re bound to like another one.

In Arabi, the vast majority of the newly constructed homes are in a section they are calling “Saint Claude Heights.” Coming soon: this neighborhood will have a bike path and playground. Rumor is that a dog park could show up there as well.



New Construction Location #2: Gentilly & Gentilly Woods

Back to Orleans parish: Gentilly & Gentilly Woods are HOT for new construction! At any point in time, you will likely find around 25-30 newly built homes on the market in Gentilly.

The average bedrooms, baths, and square footage for these new Gentilly homes are 3 beds, 3 baths, and 1800 square feet. Homes are ranging in price from $250,000 to $450,000.

Gentilly Woods has seen a spike in the amount of new construction as well. The majority of the homes in Gentilly Woods seem to be constructed by the same builder. These houses all look pretty similar too – 3 beds/ 2 baths and 1600 square feet. Prices vary from $255k to $300k.



New Construction Location #3: St. Claude

What some New Orleans Realtors try to dub as the “New Bywater” is actually St. Claude. It’s proximity to the Bywater is awesome – but this neighborhood is also great. While it is more residential, the prices in St. Claude will likely sway you.

These new homes in St. Claude are almost all 3 beds/ 2 baths and range from 1700 to 2000 square feet. Prices range from about $300k to $400k.

With more businesses opening on St. Claude Avenue every day and the ease of hopping over to the Bywater for anything else, this neighborhood is becoming a favorite for many people.


Algiers Point New Construction


New Construction Location #4: Algiers Point

Between Patterson Point, the Maritimes, and everything else popping up – Algiers Point offers a variety in their new construction homes.

Price points can be found in the mid-300s to even over $500k for a new home in the Point. The more expensive ones will typically have a gorgeous view of the Mississippi River though. While most of these new builds are 3 bedrooms, you can find a 4 bedroom thrown into the mix too.



New Construction Location #5: West End

If larger homes are what you seek, then you will find it in West End. Directly adjacent to Lakeview (that also has new construction), this neighborhood will provide you with those 4 and even 5-bedroom homes you’ve been searching for.

With prices ranging from $550k to over $700k, West End new construction tends to be well over 2000 square feet.



If you don’t want the fuss of dealing with a builder for every little detail, there are many times we can negotiate changing out light or plumbing fixtures or even picking wall colors. While this can’t be done every time, it’s definitely something we can explore while house hunting.

Also, please keep in mind, that these 5 neighborhoods are not the only places to find a new construction home in New Orleans or the metro area! These are just the most popular places to find one.


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