New Neighborhood, New You


Have you recently moved neighborhoods in New Orleans? Whether you moved from the East to the West Bank, downtown to uptown, or Lakeview to the Northshore – it can feel like a whole new world! New people, new places, and new routes to learn. Here are our tips for making a fresh start in your new neighborhood!



#1: Coffee Shops

The best way to get to know some of your neighbors and your local barista is to head to some coffee shops! A nearby java hut is perfect for seeing who lives nearby and getting a feel for the area. Tell your barista you’re new to the area and see what other recommendations they have.



#2: Go on walks

As a regular morning walker, I know every house in my neighborhood. I also know who is an early riser, has the cutest pups, and where the local rooster calls home too!

Going on these walks allows me to say hello to neighbors and get to know my community more. We recommend tying up your laces and heading out on your own streets!



#3: Introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors

These are the people closest to you, and you may need to call on for a cup of sugar one day! Bake some cookies and say hello to the people next door and across the street from you. Let them know you’re new to the ‘hood, and see if they can intro you to some new friends too!




#4: Learn your surroundings

To make you feel a little safer or comfortable in your new spot, learn where all the essentials are! Fire station, grocery stores, vet’s office, urgent care, etc. You’ll need to know these things, and you will feel better once you have the info. If any dog parks exist and you have a pooch, this is also a great place to meet other animal lovers!



#5: Facebook groups / Next Door App

While sometimes these groups or that app are filled with people complaining, it also offers an opportunity for you to get to know some neighbors. I’ve seen many people meet for coffee and develop new friendships from both of these sources.



#6: Try new restaurants nearby

New neighborhoods mean new food options! Venture out and try all these new-to-you spots!




#7: Find the local watering hole

If you enjoy a cold one after a long day of work, your local bartender is one of the best ways to get to know the area. Bartenders know everyone coming in, what’s opening and closing nearby, and can potentially connect you with some new friends.



#8: Fitness Classes

Enjoy working up a sweat? Sign up for a class at a local gym or fitness center. Many offer the first class for free or heavily discounted.



#9: Farmer’s Markets

Get to know your local farmers by finding a market close to you! You can get to know them, know what produce or goods are coming up, and form great relationships this way!



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