New Orleans Home Buying: Where to Start

where to start


Well, first things first – you’ve come to the right place to start this New Orleans home buying journey. I know it may seem daunting, but it’s not going to be that bad. You just have to know where to start.


  • Talk with a local lender. I know, you’ve banked with Chase for years and they gave you a pre-approval. Do me a favor and let me provide you with some names and numbers for local lenders. They know our taxes and insurances. Most of the big box banks don’t adhere to our contract timelines and we don’t want you to find yourself in breach of your contract! You can always shop interest rates & mortgage lenders.


  • Pick an amazing New Orleans real estate agent. You found yourself here, so maybe we are going to be a good fit. Whether you choose me to represent you or go with someone else – make sure you’re comfortable with who will be guiding your home buying experience. Learn about our guarantee! 


  • Be aware of the additional costs. Home buying has extra costs that not everyone talks about. You will need to be able to pay for your deposit, inspections, and appraisal. Plan to pay around $700 for inspections & anywhere from $400-$600 for your appraisal. The deposit you will need to put down is typically 1% of the sales price.


  • Fixer Upper or Turn-Key? Are you looking for one of those old New Orleans homes to renovate and make your own or do you want something where you can move right in? This is important to establish early as your financing options will depend on this.


These are only the very first steps of buying your New Orleans home. Shoot us a message so we can set up your no-pressure consultation. Texting works too! 


Do’s and Don’ts When Home Buying


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