New Orleans Home Styles

New Orleans Home Styles


New Orleans home styles are so unique that we attract hundreds of thousands of visitors who ogle over them a year. Any good architect in New Orleans will be the first to tell you that none of our homes are just one style. We have mixed all styles in typical New Orleans fashion, which are still picture-perfect. Let’s go through some of the home styles in the Crescent City!



Shotgun Houses

If you’re strolling through the neighborhoods of Treme, Marigny, or the Irish Channel, you’re bound to encounter the iconic Shotgun houses. These houses are typically very narrow (about 12 feet) and rectangular. With a simple, no-nonsense design, these single-story structures are known for their linear layout—rooms aligned one behind the other. (Meaning lack of privacy)

Local legend is that it’s called a shotgun home because you can fire a bullet at the front of the house, and it could go straight through the backdoor without ever hitting a wall. This style of home came from West Africa via Haiti. Shotguns are always great for hot climates, as you can open the front and back doors for a cross breeze.



Creole Cottages

A Creole cottage is a distinctive style of home found primarily in New Orleans, characterized by its one-story layout, steeply pitched roof, and classic double-pitched gable. These charming dwellings often feature a front porch, louvered shutters, and a central hallway – reflecting a blend of French, Spanish, and Caribbean influences that define the architectural landscape of the city.



Double-Gallery Houses

A double-gallery home is a grand two-story residence commonly found in neighborhoods like the Garden District of New Orleans. It features a distinctive double-tiered gallery, or porch, that spans the front facade of the house, providing ample outdoor space for socializing and enjoying the Southern breeze. (Many people mistakingly call a gallery a balcony instead.) These elegant homes often showcase Greek Revival and Italianate architectural elements, embodying the opulence and charm of the time period they were built. 



Greek Revival Mansions

Greek Revival homes are architectural marvels inspired by ancient Greek design elements. Characterized by grand columns, symmetrical proportions, and pediments, these homes exude a sense of stately elegance. Popular during the 19th century, Greek Revival architecture can be found in various regions, showcasing its timeless appeal and influence. 



New Orleans home architecture


Raised Center-Hall 

With their raised foundations, front gable roofs, and central hallways, these homes exude a unique charm that sets them apart. Center hall homes, also known as center hall colonials or center hall houses, are prevalent in New Orleans architecture. These homes offer a sense of balance and organization, featuring a central hallway that divides the interior into two symmetrical sides. Found in various neighborhoods across the city, center hall homes embody a traditional layout that combines functionality with the unique charm of New Orleans.



Eastlake Style

Eastlake-style homes are characterized by intricate woodwork, spindle detailing, and playful ornamentation, reflecting the Victorian era’s whimsical design sensibilities. Named after the famous British architect Charles Eastlake, this architectural style became popular in the late 19th century. Often adorned with vibrant colors and asymmetrical designs, Eastlake-style homes add a touch of eccentricity and charm to neighborhoods where they are found.



Bungalow Bliss

In Mid-City, bungalows reign supreme, offering a cozy retreat in the heart of the city. These single-story homes, with their low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, and charming front porches, are perfect for those who crave a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle. Bungalows in Mid-City often boast vibrant colors and great curb appeal, creating a welcoming atmosphere that embodies the laid-back spirit of New Orleans living.



Modern Marvels: The New Wave of Architecture

As New Orleans evolves, so does its architectural landscape. Modern homes are making their mark, even with those who wish they didn’t exist here. These newer homes include shipping containers, ones designed by the Tulane Architectural School, and sleek modern homes. They can be spotted throughout the Irish Channel, Central City, and the Bywater – to name a few.



The diverse array of New Orleans home styles is a testament to the city’s vibrant history, cultural influences, and unwavering spirit. Whether you’re drawn to the quaint charm of Creole cottages, the grandeur of Greek Revival mansions, or the eclectic vibes of the Bungalow, New Orleans offers a home style for every taste and personality. So, as you explore the neighborhoods of this enchanting city, let the unique architecture guide you through a journey of history and charm.



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