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I know it may seem crazy to look for a home in the Northern Caribbean, aka New Orleans, since we don’t get very cold. However, we have been known to get freezing temps for a couple of weeks. Also, let’s be honest; most of you can’t handle anything below 60 degrees without pulling out a parka.

This is a judgment-free zone, so we understand if you need a fireplace in your house!


Fireplace Care Info: 

All fireplaces require some maintenance! Please contact a professional for any additional questions or help with cleaning!



Gas Fireplaces

Yes, even gas fireplaces need love too! Make sure the pilot light is off, and the fireplace is cool. Here are some quick tips on cleaning and caring for your gas fireplace:

  • Get a yearly inspection. Yes, even gas fireplaces should be looked at annually to ensure no fire hazards, and they are working correctly. You DO NOT want to be surprised with a gas leak!
  • Clean the screens. If the screen is glass, make sure you wait till all cleaner is dry and evaporated before turning the fireplace back on.
  • Before cleaning any of the interiors of your gas fireplace, please read the manual and make sure you’re handling all the components properly!
  • Use a handheld vacuum or wand from your upright vacuum to work through the logs or rocks in the fireplace. If you see any breaks or deterioration on these pieces, replace them immediately.
  • Check out fireplace cleaners to purchase before beginning this process and find what’s suitable for your equipment!
  • Add carbon monoxide¬† & smoke detectors to your house. You can never be too safe!


Wood Fireplaces

  • Have your chimney inspected by an expert before ever using it! You don’t want to light a fire and find out the flue is closed off or damaged.
  • Make sure to remove all the ashes regularly. The ashes can be used in flower beds or compost piles too!
  • Creosote and soot will begin to line your chimney after prolonged use. Cleaning this gunk out is imperative so you don’t start a chimney fire! You may want to leave this cleaning to a professional since it can get dirty and requires a respirator. We recommend using A Noble Sweep in the New Orleans metro area.
  • Ensure your carbon monoxide & smoke detectors have batteries and change them twice a year.



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