New Orleans Schools: Where, When, and How

New Orleans schools


The New Orleans school system is much different in the post-Katrina world we are living in. Long gone are the days of going to the school closest to your house.

How does it work now? Ask 10 different parents and you will get 10 different responses. After much research, your New Orleans real estate agents have compiled the best information we could gather to help you navigate the school system in New Orleans and the metro area.


Orleans Parish 

Using the website, you can register your child for school. Before heading here, you really need to research schools ahead of time. You will need to find out the location, grades served, and extracurriculars. Make a list of your favorites because you will need to list your top 3 choices when you go to enroll.

Their website says they give priority to students that live in the neighborhood of their school choice. But, this only applies to 25% of the open seats there.

There are also considerations if you have a child already in school. They do take into consideration when you have multiple children enrolling at one time too.

Here’s a link to the most frequently asked questions.


The info they don’t tell you: There is a chance your child will not get chosen for any of the schools you picked. What to do then? Apply for their lottery in hopes of another kid not taking the spot. Otherwise, your child will be placed at another school.

Is every New Orleans school a charter? Not all, but just about. One of the top high schools in the country is right here in New Orleans. Benjamin Franklin High School is not a charter but you must pass a test and meet academic standards to be admitted. This is the only school that we know of that isn’t a charter school.


Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish gives you the ability to attend the school that is assigned to you by area. Not only is that an option, but you can also apply for a charter school.

There are also magnet schools and advanced studies academies that  – both of the options have their own enrollment process.

Check out the Jefferson Parish Public School System website for more info.


Plaquemines Parish

Plaquemines Parish offers public schools that are based on where you live.


St. Bernard Parish

St.Bernard Parish also offers public schools based on your location.


Private Schools

If you prefer your child to go to private schools, there are plenty of options in New Orleans and the metro area.

There is the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest. This group has schools such as Trinity Episcopal, Newman, McGehee, & St. Martin’s – to name a few.

And since you’re in New Orleans, you know there are plenty of Catholic school options as well.


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