New Orleans Seasons


Welcome to New Orleans y’all!

If you didn’t know before you to here, we don’t really have different weather seasons. We have summer and not summer. (Every now and again we get “winter.” If you’re from up north, you won’t think much of it.)

New Orleanians like to reference other type of seasons. Here is your guide to navigating this funky city you are now calling home.


Caterpillar Season

During spring, April-May, you will find caterpillars covering the oak trees of New Orleans. If they are green and have little spikes all over them, they are called a saddleback caterpillar. They sting. Like, they really sting. As a child, my mother would put toothpaste on our stings to help alleviate the pain. Let me tell you, this doesn’t help. You are just in pain while walking around with toothpaste on your arm.

The other common stinging one is a buck moth caterpillar. This one has a reddish head and small white spots and spiny barbed structures protruding from all over its body.

Do not touch these caterpillars. And be very careful when walking your dogs!


Crawfish Season

Depending on winter and the amount of rain we got, crawfish season typically runs from January to late June. (Some say through July, but I’ve never had good ones then.)

Peak season is March, April, and May. That’s when crawfish are more plentiful and cost less. In the early season and late season, crawfish cost more because there aren’t as many.

Now, I have eaten crawfish in November and December before – but you typically pay a very hefty price for them. #worthit

Just do me a favor and don’t call them “bugs” or “mudbugs.” Locals don’t do that.


Termite Season

From late March/early April through early July, you will begin to see termites swarming. They are attracted to light. Look up to any light pole and you will likely see tons of little termites flying around it.

Other than the wings making you itch and it just being kind of gross, they won’t hurt you.

What they will hurt is your property. If you have termites swarming inside your home, you likely have a termite nest somewhere. Call a professional and get it checked out.


Satsuma Season 

Satsumas as my absolute favorite fruit! Satsumas are a very specific type of mandarin orange. (I don’t even like oranges, but I LOVE satsumas.)

You can only get satsumas from late October through early February. Some seasons may last longer, and others are only a month and a half. Get your fill before they are gone!


Protect Your Butt Season

What season is that?!

This is the one that no one tells you about but you need to know! Get a sunshade for your vehicle and use it. Use it specifically through the months of June through September.

New Orleans gets hot and that sun is beating down on your car and those leather seats. The first time you burn your butt on your seats and your hands on the steering wheel, you’re going to remember this advice we gave you!


New Orleans also has Carnival season, festival season, and football season. Hope this help you as you begin navigating our amazing city!


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