NOLA Myth Busters #2


The legend of Mardi Gras is filled with myths, misunderstandings, and lies. Mardi Gras, in all honesty, should be for the kids. You catch trinkets, plastic beads, stuffed animals, and now more coveted items, like glittered and bedazzled shoes, purses, and coconuts. Not saying us grown folk can’t enjoy it too, but it’s not all debauchery. 



The rumors floating through other cities are that you only catch beads when you show your private bits. I’m here to tell all you out of town folks – THIS IS A LIE. Well, there is truth to it, but it’s really left to trashy tourists on Bourbon Street who participate in this. When you’re out on the parade route, you’re surrounded by families and kids. You better not flash your business around my own mama or she will come snatch you up by the ear.



Mardi Gras also has this reputation that New Orleanians just drink themselves into stupidity.

Ummmmm….. that *might* be partially true. But, let’s get serious, some people were going to do that no matter if it was Mardi Gras.

Yes, we partake in a little more revelry during Carnival season. HOWEVER, one should know this is a marathon, NOT a sprint. Getting wasted means you’re going to miss out on some of the best stuff Mardi Gras offers. Like seeing those friends you only see once a year, watching the most beautiful floats created by local artists, being enamored with creative costumers traipsing down the street, and playing frisbee with the kids while waiting on the next parade.


Distortions of the truth. 

You may have heard that it smells and people pee everywhere. What is happening is that you are confusing Mardi Gras in general with the way that terrible people act in the French Quarter. Finding a clean bathroom during Mardi Gras is damn near impossible. No one can keep a bathroom clean during this time. But since some people are drunk and don’t know how to act right, they drop trow wherever and relieve themselves.

There are many places along the parade route to use the facilities. Many churches sell passes to their clean bathrooms. You can buy a drink from a place and they will kindly let you in to the restroom.

What you shouldn’t do is wander into someone’s yard to empty your bladder. I’ve seen it not end well.



Ok, we do drink a lot during Mardi Gras. The biggest rule of thumb when booking your trip down here is be respectful of other people on the parade route. New Orleanians will have no problem putting you in your place if you cut up.

And you DO NOT want to end up in jail during Mardi Gras. Your trip will be ruined and you won’t get out till Ash Wednesday.


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