Our City, My Home: Chrissy C.


California native turned New Orleanian, Chrissy, was hunting for a house with lots of outdoor space. She was beyond thrilled to find her place in the city that’s off the road less traveled. Read on to see what she loves about her space and the city!


What neighborhood do you live in? 

Holy Cross in the Lower 9th Ward


How long have you lived in this home? 

Right at a year!


Why do you love your neighborhood? 

I love my neighborhood because of how it feels like we’re on the edge of the tourist magic. It is easy to head back across the canal to go play, but I can step out of it easily or avoid it entirely when I want.


Was this the neighborhood you hoped for when buying your home? 

I did not know which neighborhood I really wanted. I had a vague concept of what I wanted and through the power of finding the right realtor, Leslie was able to suss out what would make my skirt fly up.



Do you know your neighbors & feel a sense of community? 

I had at least 3 neighbors help me when I needed to change a flat tire. Everyone sort of keeps to themselves outside of basic pleasantries, but when someone needs a hand – everyone comes out without being asked. We have a mash-up of people who lived in this neighborhood their whole lives and those that moved in recently. A neighbor walked by the other week and said he was happy to see this house restored and saved. He remembered it from before hurricane Betsy.



What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move to your neighborhood? 

Houses are being snatched up and flipped regularly in Holy Cross. And a lot of the properties have large yards which can be hard to find elsewhere in the city. Also, the levee over on my side is a hidden gem.



Are you from New Orleans? If not, tell us what brought you here! 

I am from California. Work decided to transfer me to New Orleans and I saw it as a unique opportunity to get to know the city where my grandfather was born approximately 100 years ago.



Tell us your favorite thing about your house! 

While I love my little creole cottage itself, my favorite thing about my house is the ginormous yard. So much space for so many activities! My dog likes to do zoomies that follow the full perimeter, including going under the house. We regularly walk around the yard finding new things: bricks, stepping stones, and once an old ink bottle from the early 1900s. Who knows what we will find next! 



What updates or improvements have you done to your home?

I, unfortunately, suffered some minor hurricane Ida damage. So while the back fence was straightened, the roof repaired, and a leak into the living room addressed; it gave me the perfect opportunity to amend my attic gable vent from a louvered vent to a board and batten shutter, which more accurately reflects what the home would have had. It also allowed me to properly seal that opening in a way that will prevent future water damage. My attic is insulated so the vent has no functional purpose.



Any upcoming home projects? 

My immediate project is touching up paint from Ida, but I feel like I have ALL THE PROJECTS! Since this is my first home, most of my money has been getting sunk into the stuff that doesn’t really show: a proper couch, a new mattress, a washer, and a dryer. But I want to make off-street parking since I have the space for it and I would like to approach HDLC about putting a gutter across the front of my porch: right now I have to walk through a waterfall when it rains. Eventually, I’ll get around to a garden in the backyard.



Any advice when home buying? 

Working with a realtor who vibes with you can make a world of difference, especially when new to the city or unfamiliar with certain areas.



Tell us some of your favorite things about New Orleans. 

My favorite thing about New Orleans is how easy it is to find something to do. If you’re bored… it is only your own fault. The city has plenty to do! 



Any last words about your home? 

My home was referenced in New Orleans Architecture volume IV: The Creole Faubourgs. I like to tell people my address and see their reaction to the google image when they pull up directions. It definitely doesn’t look like that anymore! 





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