Our City, My Home: Sarah M.


Welcome back to our series “Our City, My Home” where we talk to New Orleans homeowners about why they love their abode and neighborhood! Today we talk to Miss Sarah who lives in Algiers Point and will regale us with all the reasons to call it home!


How long have you lived in your Algiers Point home? 

4 and half years!


Why do you love your neighborhood? 

I love the community feel of my neighborhood, as well as its easy access to downtown via the ferry.


Was this the neighborhood you hoped for when buying your home? 

Actually, I didn’t know much about this neighborhood prior to buying my house and was turned onto it by my realtor after I described to her what I was looking for – both in terms of what I could afford as well as my wish list for a home. It definitely became the neighborhood that I was looking for as it offers a traditional New Orleans vibe but is a bit quieter than the East Bank.



Do you know your neighbors & feel a sense of community?

Goodness, I probably know my neighbors too well! This is the neighborhood to be in if you want to know everyone by name. The Point community regularly hosts porch concerts, potlucks, and kids events as well as a massive block party every March called Friendship Day. I think we arguably put on the best Halloween trick or treat as well. We also started what we think will become an annual Thanksgiving Potluck this last year. In short, there is always something going on!



What’s your piece of advice for anyone looking to move into your neighborhood? 

There is such a strong sense of community in The Point, it can be a bit insular. Dive in! But also, especially if you are new to New Orleans, get to know the other neighborhoods and activities going on throughout the city.

I would also add, think about your commute, where you work/where your kids will go to school, and how many times a day you’re going to have to cross the Crescent City Connection. A lot of folks commute to the East Bank for work and school, and during off-peak hours it’s incredibly easy to get almost anywhere in the city in 15 minutes or so, but rush hour things move slow, so find the HOV lanes.




Are you from New Orleans? If not, tell us what brought you here! 

I had lived overseas mostly across the African continent and the Middle East for almost 10 years before moving to New Orleans. My family is from Lower Alabama and I grew up coming to New Orleans with my Big Dad because he loved Commanders and Harrah’s. When it was time to move back to the U.S. for good, I knew I wanted to be close to family but in a city that valued art, food, music, and most of all community – and for me, that’s New Orleans. 


Tell us your favorite thing about your house! 

My porch. I live on my porch!




What updates/improvements have you done to your home? 

Mostly cosmetic. A lot of painting interior rooms! Also, I installed a picket fence for the side yard, which totally changed the house and garden feel. Defining the space actually made it feel bigger.


Any upcoming home projects? 

The list is endless but I would really like to do a no demo renovation of my bathroom. It’s your classic 90’s beige stone tile nonsense and it needs a glow-up.


Any advice when it comes to home buying? 

The best piece of advice I got from my realtor, a) work with a local lender if you’re going to buy in New Orleans, and b) (within reason) it never hurts to ask. I would also add, listen to your realtor! Find a realtor that is your ally in the process of homebuying. The house I ended up buying was actually not the house I first bid on, my offer got turned down. OUCH! But Leslie was critical in helping me not overpay and then we ended up finding something that was a much better fit.



Tell us some of your favorite things about New Orleans! 

The food! Yes, the old-school traditional restaurants are fabulous, but there is also such a vibrant restaurant scene with a lot of new chefs trying some super yummy stuff.


Any lagniappe info about your home? 

My home used to be a doctor’s office, and neighbors walk by all the time telling me they used to come here for their check-ups when they were kids! 





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