Party Like a Local Rockstar


When I asked all my New Orleans locals to give me suggestions on how to handle Mardi Gras like you live here, the answers I received were interesting to say the least. It quickly morphed from great advice for outsiders to stating what the ideal behavior would be from all people on the parade route. At the end of the day, as Dr. Bob would say, “Be Nice or Leave.”


There are kids out there, y’all. 



“Don’t steal beads from kids or push them out way because you will get your a** kicked by a Westbank mom.” – Catherine H. 


“Do not flash your boobs Uptown.” – Kathy F. 


“Give stuff away to the kids around you. The thrill is in the catching of the things not the keeping of the things.” – Molly M. 


You Gotta Drink (& Eat!)


Photo Credit: Cheryl Gerber


“Have your ID & money out when you get to a bar!” – Constance D. 


“Know what you want to order at the bar. Options are limited. Liquor & mixer or a beer, then move out the way!” – Sarah B. 


“Tip your bartender!” – Sarah S. 


“Don’t pay $10 for a corndog. Go to the Red Zone.” – Samantha M. 


“Stay away from hurricanes & Hand grenades!” – David G. 


“Don’t drink so much that you’re an a**hole.” – Kris S. 


“Try to eat something green every once in a while. you can’t live off king cake & meat pies alone.” – Liz H. 

Editor’s Note: YEAH, YOU CAN.


Have some common sense. 

Photo Credit: Crista Rock


“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”  – literally everyone who lives in New Orleans


“Don’t cross the street in between the bands/dancers. You don’t want to see the rage of a band mom firsthand.”  – Samantha M. 


“Make friends with someone who lives on the route so you can pee easily.” – Chad J. 


“Don’t show up the second a parade rolls by and try to squeeze in front of the people who planned ahead.” – Kris S. 


The neutral ground/sidewalk side/ intersections are not your backyard, share the space and don’t leave mountains of gross food trash.” – Liz H. 


“Wear shoes that are closed. No flip flops or sandals.” – David G. 

NOTE: I have seen this first hand. It’s disgusting. You will regret it if you wear flip flops.


Lagniappe Advice & Tips


“Don’t go to Bourbon Street.” – most people who live in New Orleans


“Sunscreen!” – Catherine H. 


“Costume… well.” – Heather C. 


“Take a day off.” – Sean M. 


“Park your car Lakeside of St. Charles.” – Henry R. 


“Do not pee on public property.” – Kathy F. 


Ignore the Jefferson and St. Tammany Parish people who think they can claim the entire damn neutral ground for Endymion.” – Corey L. 


“St. Ann, Mardi Gras morning.” – Charlotte D. 


Photo Credit: Crista Rock


No matter what your plans are this Mardi Gras season, you’re bound to have some fun. Make friends with strangers, dance in the streets, & have Popeye’s for breakfast. In the end, be mindful that you’re not the only person out there and we need to be good to each other. Happy Mardi Gras, y’all.


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