Places to be Quiet in New Orleans


New Orleans can be loud. We are loud people, there is music always blasting from somewhere, and sounds of trains and cars are everywhere. In a world full of noise, here are some places to be quiet in New Orleans.




Our list includes:

  1. The Singing Oak in City Park – the windchimes and peacefulness in City Park will help you escape for a moment
  2. Bayou Segnette State Park – bask in some nature while enjoying the silence
  3. New Orleans Public Library – enough said.
  4. New Orleans Museum of Art – the one rule we all seem to abide by in life is being quiet in an art museum
  5. The Fly – while this won’t always be serene, go during the week while everyone is at work & school
  6. Steamboat Houses – these gorgeous homes overlook the levee in the Holy Cross neighborhood. Great city views and no tourists
  7. Bayou St. John Music Tree – sit on the bank of the bayou, close your eyes, and tune out the rest of the world
  8. Lake Terrace Park – in the less-traveled section of the lakeshore, you will be able to enjoy staring at the water without a ton of people
  9. Lafreniere Park – while this park can bustle with people jogging, skating, and feeding ducks; it’s typically very hushed and civilized
  10. Bucktown Marsh Boardwalk – if you’re looking for a stilled walk, this is nature and peace all in one
  11. Longue Vue Gardens – you won’t find anyone being boisterous here!
  12. Lower Coast Algiers – this is worth a drive to see some grand homes and no other cars in sight!
  13. Lakefront Airport – full of history and not full of people!
  14. Chua Bo De Buddhist Temple – enough said.
  15. Audubon Louisiana Nature Center – 86 acres of nature right in the city


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