How to Prep For Home Showings: For Sellers

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Attention home sellers! You can’t just clean your house the one time before professional photo are taken and think that’s all you have to do for showings.

Take a moment to think about what would wow you when you enter a home.

What came to mind?

Hopefully you thought about the following items that will help your house show better:

  • Take the trash out. A stinky house doesn’t appeal to many people.
  • Empty the cat box. While we are about stinky items, make sure you regularly empty your cat’s litter box while your house is on the market. You never know when you will get a last minute showing.
  • Put your valuables away. Cash, jewelry, prescriptions, guns, etc. Hide them. Put them in safe. Potential buyers will open up closets and medicine cabinets. Hide any items that might give away any confidential information.
  • Declutter. No one wants to walk into a house that’s filled with your stuff. They need to imagine their items there. I’m not saying get rid of everything. It’s good to see furniture placement for ideas. But every photo from your childhood doesn’t help people imagining themselves living the house you’re trying to sell.
  • Good smells. If you’re going to leave right before the showing and come back immediately following, a nice smelling candle can help set the tone. Many buyers walk into a house and comment when it smells nice (or bad!).
  • Curb Appeal. Make sure you don’t have dead plants out front. Cut the grass regularly while you’re on the market. You have once chance to make a good impression.
  • Leave. Don’t be those sellers that stick around while the potential buyers are there. It gets weird and the buyers never feel comfortable.

Price, location, and marketing will help sell your home. However, follow some of these tips to help your house standout from others.


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