Q1: New Orleans Home Stats 2022


The first quarter of New Orleans home sales in 2022 shows that our average home price in Orleans parish is $468k. While this number may seem low to some – it’s much higher than it was five years ago. The first quarter in 2017 was $305k – a 53% increase!




How does this compare to last year? Well, it’s a 54k jump in average price and that ain’t nothing – it’s a 13% increase in one year!



You should notice that while the average home price went up, there were almost 100 fewer sales this year in the first quarter. This is likely because of these price jumps. We are seeing many of our potential home buyers get priced out of Orleans parish and they have started looking elsewhere.



Look below at the Jefferson Parish Q1 stats in 2022. The average price is $158k less than the neighboring parish! (Include that with lower property taxes and no S&WB nonsense and people have been flocking to Jefferson parish)



St. Bernard Parish Q1 Stats 2022




St. Tammany Q1 Stats 2022



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