How to Recycle Mardi Gras Beads

How to recycle Mardi Gras Beads


Now that you are all done with Mardi Gras – you may find yourself with a house full of beads and no place to put them. Instead of shoving them in your attic, and forgetting about them until you have to move, how about recycling your Mardi Gras beads?!


What about all my other throws that I don’t want either?

We’ve got your answers below!


Stuffed Animals

All those stuffed animals you just caught in the past 2 weeks are now piled in your corner. The ones with krewe names and dates are very hard to re-sell. Consider dropping them off at a local pet shelter. A homeless pup would love a little something to snuggle with.

Another suggestion: find a local women’s and children’s shelter that can use them.

ArcGNO will always take them off your hands too.


Mardi Gras Cups

Caught more cups than you need? Well, don’t throw them into your recycling bin. They won’t be recycled – they will only be sorted and then sent to a landfill. Here’s our suggestions: donate them to ArcGNO or find a local art studio that needs them! Lots of artists use the cups for their paint brushes.


Mardi Gras Beads

If you’re real crafty, you can upcycle the beads into future costumes and wreaths. If crafting isn’t your game, then you need to donate them to ArcGNO. ArcGNO takes your unwanted Mardi Gras throws and turns them into jobs. They employ people with intellectual disabilities to sort through, repackage, and resell your discarded throws. With locations ALL over the metro area, there is no reason you can’t drop them off.


Here is a list of all their drop off sites:



New Orlean East







Fun Fact! (For when you forget about your beads and find them 3 months from now)

New Orleans Sanitation Department accepts beads year round! Drop them off on the SECOND and FOURTH SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH at 2829 ELYSIAN FIELDS AVENUE – 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Be a good New Orleanian and don’t throw them in the trash! 



What Mardi Gras song are you?

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