Rentals & Credit Checks

rentals and credit checks


When you begin searching for your next great place to rent in New Orleans, be prepared for the additional info landlords want about you. Rentals and credit checks go hand in hand.


Credit Checks

Yep, they are going to pull your credit. New Orleans landlords want to make sure you’re paying your bills on time. Which is reasonable, if you aren’t paying your other bills – why should they trust you’re going to pay them? Every landlord will have different minimum credit scores. Some will understand your mountain of student loan debt. Every scenario will be different. If you have terrible credit, some may require a double deposit.


Eviction Check

New Orleans landlords will also run an eviction check. If you had a previous issue with an old landlord, let us know upfront. It’s better to get ahead of it than finding out after the fact. I can’t fight for you if I don’t know about it.


Background Checks

Some, not all, landlords also run limited background checks. If you’ve had some run-ins with the law, they want to know what for.


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