Should I buy a house during hurricane season?


Hurricane season lasts from June 1st – November 30th. That’s right, folks. It’s not just august and September we have to worry about. The question is, “Should I buy a house during hurricane season?” Our quick answer is – WHY NOT?! 

For six months out of the year, we are in hurricane season. If you only chose to look at properties from December through April, you would miss out on many fantastic homes! Here’s what you should know about buying a house during hurricane season: 



#1. You may not be able to close if there is a named storm in the Gulf of Mexico

Insurance companies will not allow you to bind your insurance policy. What does that mean? It means that the insurance company will not issue a new policy on a home while there is a named storm (like Hurricane Ida or Tropical Storm Dave) in the Gulf of Mexico. Without insurance, you cannot obtain your home loan either. 



#2: Should I close on the new home if a storm is approaching? 

As your real estate professional, I would say no. We think if there is a storm quickly approaching the metro area, you should wait to close on your new home until AFTER the storm has rolled through. 



#3: Should I have inspections on the home I’m buying after a storm? 

YES!!! Absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it – YES. ALWAYS get another inspection on the house after a storm. If you’ve already completed your home inspections, pay the same home inspector to come back and check the roof, siding, and other important mechanics. 



#4: What if the home I’m buying has sustained damage due to a storm? 

We have been in this situation, and there is no clear answer. If the house has major damages to it, you will have to wait for their insurance to process their claim to get any repairs or money. If the house only had small damages, either require the seller to make the repair or get an ACCURATE quote from a couple of contractors and agree upon the amount of money the seller will provide for the damage. 

If the house has significant damages and you do not want to wait for insurance, then cancel the contract and move on. However, we have had many people wait it out because home inventory after a large storm is slim pickings! 



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