Should I sell my house during hurricane season?


Hurricane season is stressful for homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers. However, did you realize that hurricane season runs for six months out of the year? From June 1st through November 30th, it is officially hurricane season along the Gulf South. Let’s talk about home selling during this time!



Will people buy my house during hurricane season? 

Yes, people will still tour and purchase your home during hurricane season. As we mentioned, it’s half the year, and home buyers don’t stop shopping between June and November.



What if a hurricane damages my house while we are on the market?

We have been there and done that with other home sellers – so we are ready to help!

First, if your house was damaged by a storm and it is NOT under contract, we should remove it from the market while you file an insurance claim and work on repairs.

However, if your home is under contract, we will need to get the ball rolling on your insurance claim quickly. We know you are at the mercy of your insurance company, but we can not close on your home until the insurance check has arrived. Having been through this before, we had a home seller wait eight weeks on an insurance check. Once we received it, the seller gave the money to the buyer, and we closed on the home. Some buyers will want the repairs completed on the front end, though. This situation will vary, and having us as your agents will help you navigate it as smoothly as possible.



Can I close on my home if there is an impending storm?

It depends. If there is a named storm in the Gulf of Mexico, the buyer will be unable to bind their insurance policy. (Meaning, they will not have an insurance policy.) The buyer’s lender will not allow them to close the sale without having insurance. So, in this situation, you will not be able to sell your home on the anticipated date.

If the buyer cannot close before a storm rolls in, their lender will require sending someone out to ensure the house is still in the same or better condition. Most lenders will not let buyers close on homes with obvious hurricane damage.

If the buyer has already bound their insurance and is willing to close on the home – then let’s do it! Please note that most buyers will want to wait until the storm has passed by the area.



Our best piece of advice, check your insurance coverage and keep paying for flood insurance even if you’re not required to carry it!



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