Simple Selling Steps: From Start to Finish

Simple Selling steps: From start to finish


Selling your home might feel more stressful than when it came to buying it. You’re probably wondering where to even start. No need to fret – we will list out some simple selling steps so you have everything from start to finish!


Selling Step #1: Agent Search

  • Find the right agent! Check out Google, Zillow,, and even Facebook and Instagram. You definitely want an agent who is active and full-time. Not everyone is going to be the right fit you. (We sure hope we are, though!)
  • Schedule agent interviews. Don’t forget – it’s not all about the highest listing price. They may not be accurate. Ask the agent to show you the comps. The market dictates the price, not the agent. Be wary of any agent who is quick to drop their commission. They are negotiating on your behalf. While on this topic, ask what you’re getting for their commission. As not all commissions are created equally.
  • Select your agent! Now that you’ve found the one you love – tell them! They will need to give you a to-do list to get ready.


Selling Step #2: Document Gathering

The following documents would help us out immensely when prepping to list your home:

  • Last appraisal you had on your home
  • Survey
  • Elevation Certificate
  • Flood Declaration Page
  • Previous Cash Sale
  • Previous property disclosures
  • Receipts and records of any upgrades and repairs


Selling Steps


Selling Step #3: Prepping to List

Your real estate agent should have gone room by room in your house and given you a to-do list. Here is our general list that almost every house needs:

  • Pressure Wash or Soft Wash the house and driveway
  • Clean & paint front door
  • Fresh landscaping and/or mulch
  • Purge closets
  • Put together pet plan
  • Touch-up any nicks in the interior paint
  • Change all light bulbs to be the same
  • Dust fans and baseboards
  • Deep Clean, serious deep clean
  • Wash windows
  • Declutter


Selling Step #4: Finalize Details

  • Your agent will now be scheduling photos, video, etc.
  • Make sure you have completed disclosures and listing agreement
  • Give your agent a full list of any additional upgrades/repairs made during prep
  • Light a candle and pray to the real estate gods


Selling Step #5: Go Live! 

Your house is now live and on the market for all the potential buyers! It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. You are going to have a big mix of emotions. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.

Just note: you should NOT be home for any showings.


Selling Step #6: Negotiate Offers

Any offer that comes in, you and your real estate agent are going to discuss more than just the price offered. You will also need to factor in and talk about closing date, if they have asked for closing costs, home warranties, appliances, and any other items that come up in the contract the buyers have presented.


Selling Steps


Selling Step #7: Under Contract

Once you have picked an offer and worked out all the terms of it, you’re officially under contract! Now what?!

  • Inspections. The buyers will now schedule a home inspection, video pipe inspection, and a termite inspection. Be prepared for them to ask for repairs or some money off. It’s pretty rare that you get through inspections without a single ask.
  • The appraisal will be completed after the inspections are negotiated.


Selling Step #8: Get ready to move! 

  • Make any repairs you agreed to and give the receipts to your agent
  • Research and hire movers!
  • Start packing
  • Change your address & forward your mail
  • Do not take anything attached to the house or any appliances you agreed to leave (ask your agent before taking anything!)
  • Leave all the remotes and clickers for fans, lights, garage, etc.
  • Cut your grass one more time before leaving
  • Clean the house one last time


Selling Step #9: Closing

Today is the day – you’re handing over the keys and getting out of dodge! You will sign some documents, shake hands, and move on from this house. It’s another day full of emotion and we are so glad to have helped you!


There are so many things that will happen in between getting prepped and the closing table. Here at Team Be New Orleans, we can’t stress how important it is to have the right agent by your side. Hopefully these simple selling steps will help ease your worries!


If you’re ready to talk about selling your home schedule a meeting!


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