Spring Expectations

Spring is coming to New Orleans! The next couple of months are going to be glorious, before the heat that June brings in. For the folks newer to the city, they may not know what to expect in NOLA springtime. It’s our job as the locals to educate the noobs.


1. There are multiple festivals every weekend. 

Festival season is upon us. You likely won’t even be able to make it to all of them. From Hogs for the Cause to French Quarter Fest to Jazz Fest to Greek Fest. There is a festival or event for everything this spring. Keep your weekends free so you can go with the flow.


2. Termite swarming season. 

Termites will begin to swarm in mid-April, but predications are that we can expect them a little earlier this season. For the peeps who just got to town, please heed the following advice. If you see termites swarming outside your house – TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! They like to congregate under lights. Look up at a street light and you will see them having a blast. If you see termites swarming inside your house, you may have a problem and you need to call your bug man to treat your house.


Photo Credit: Renato Mora


3. Caterpillar Season

I *WISH* that our caterpillars looked like the bug above. New Orleans caterpillars are brown/green and have spikes coming off their backs. They are hideous and especially not fun when one falls from an oak tree on you. The sting you get from one of these bad boys is not good. If my mother happens to be around, she will tell you to put toothpaste on the sting. Let me tell you – it doesn’t work. You will just have to suffer for what feels like an eternity. PRO TIP: You can pay someone to come spray your trees and prevent this infestation. It’s not cheap, but worth it.

Be mindful of them when you take your pups on a walk. When one of my pooches stepped on a caterpillar, it was 3 hours before he stopped licking his paw.


4. It’s gonna rain. 

It’s going to rain. A lot. April & May are when the term “spring showers” take on a whole new meaning. We get such heavy downpours, the streets will flood rather quickly. To help ease street flooding, try to clean out your drain (aka catch basin) on a regular basis. (As a kid, my dad would make us get down in there to clear them.) If you don’t have off street parking, be prepared to move your car quickly to a higher portion of the neutral ground. Be careful if you’re out driving around during this, I’ve had many friends flood out their cars this way.

Best investment to make for spring: get some rain boots, shrimp boots, golashes, or whatever you want to call them. Trust me, you’re going to need them.


During these rainstorms, many of your neighbors will head to the neighborhood bar. Check out some of your local bartenders.