Storage Solutions for Old New Orleans Homes


People living in New Orleans homes understand that storage and closet space are incredibly limited. The lack of closets comes from a time when a house was taxed by the number of doors it had – so to get around that, homeowners would eliminate closets and use armoirs instead.

Fast forward to today, many of our older homes still do not have ample closet space unless you’re willing to sacrifice a spare bedroom. Here are some storage solutions for your more senior New Orleans home!


#1: Closet Organizer

Whether you bring out the pros from California Closets or purchase your organizational unit, getting a closet organizer can improve your storage. A mix of shelving and hanging space can fully optimize what limited square footage you have.


#2: Plant Hanger

You’ve got plants all over your house if you’re anything like us. And while they improve your air quality and boost our moods – the stress of them taking over all our counter space can be real. Our solution: a plant hanger! You will be able to add more plants to your life and not lose your home’s limited and precious space!


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#3: Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage bins can go a long way in reducing clutter and eating up closet space. We use ours for extra sheets, winter blankets, and sweaters we pull out for those five cold days a year in New Orleans!


#4: Get Your Attic Decked

If your attic is just a sea of insulation, consider getting it decked as a storage solution! Decking involves taking plywood and installing it over your ceiling joists. Once it’s complete – you can take those bins of holiday decorations and shove them into your attic!



#5: Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers can go a long way for storage space. Bonus: Instead of sifting through the drawer of frustration, you will see everything you have each time you need a pizza cutter or ice cream scoop!


#6: Shelves over Doorframes

Optimize that unused space above your door frame with a sturdy shelf! Whether you store tchotchkes, books, more plants, or whatever there – it can help alleviate the burden on your bookshelves.


#7: Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the perfect addition to your life to showcase your personality and decor without the counter clutter.



#8: Shoe Rack

I do not know what I would do with my over-the-door shoe rack. It has freed my closet space to cram with other things! (They even make them for under the bed too!)


#9: Storage Benches

Benches can offer more than just nice decor. Invest in one that offers additional storage space as well! With its perfectly placed throw blanket, that great bench can also store those tablecloths you only bring out once a year.


#10: Repurpose a dresser

These days, you can hop on to YouTube or TikTok for a tutorial on repurposing a dresser into a tv stand! Picture it: fresh color, modern hardware, and the capacity for additional storage. While binging your favorite tv show, you won’t be distracted by the clutter of board games or vinyl stacked up. You can tuck away all those extra things you love into those dresser drawers!



#11: Accent wall to Storage wall

Instead of just adding wallpaper or painting a bold color for an accent wall, what if you transformed it into additional storage?! Think shelving galore for all the pieces you want to display! Whether it’s a wall edited to every coffee cup you’ve ever collected or just every souvenir from a trip – this wall can have a dual purpose!


#12: Use Above the Cabinets

We don’t have to revert to the 90s and clutter our above cabinet space with fake ivy plants and statues of roosters. Instead, think of this storage solution where you can place the kitchen gadgets you use infrequently or the glassware you pull out for special occasions only!


#13: Space Saver Bags

Do not underestimate the power of space saver bags. You can use them for travel and fit more into your suitcase, but you can also use them for your house. Winter clothes, bedspreads that you only pull out for guests, and your costumes – these bags can be used for it all!



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