Straighten Up and Pi(e) Right


3-14…. you know what that means right? Time to let your inner math geek loose and celebrate everybody’s favorite never-ending number, it’s National Pi Day Y’all!!! Who makes a good pie? Well I’m glad you asked…


Pies to Buy.

Levee Baking Company

Y ‘all the hand pies…my mouth is watering just thinking about these brilliant and tasty treats. Not to mention made by locally-sourced ingredients. You can special order a whole pie or  drop by Congregation Coffee in Algiers Point or Café Bon Ami in the CBD to try pastry’s from Levee Baking Company.

Can’t talk about pie without talking about Windowsill PiesLet me just drop a few testimonials from their website- ““If you haven’t tried their pies, they will change your life.” “This pie is the truth. ”Poetry in pie form.” Now let me tell you a few of the flavors- Lazy Summer Strawberry & Cream Pie, Blueberry Lavender Honey Lattice Pie or Bananas Foster DOUBLE Cream Pie. These are just a few options, in case you want to have me over for pie. I’ll be waiting.



My, Oh My What Pretty Pies They Have!

We have dual recommendations from a quintessential New Orleans restaurant, Clancy’s. The Lemon Ice Box Pie AND the Coconut Cream Pie. Since we are celebrating a never-ending number, go ahead and order both! 

I should note, that Lemon Ice Box Pie from Legacy Kitchen has several folks singing it’s praises.

Pecan Pie with Caramel Sauce from Brigtsen’s, this is what sweet dreams are made of my friends. A dear friend proclaims this is the BEST pie she has ever eaten in her life. You don’t wanna miss out on that, do you?

You like your sweet with a little spice? Try the Thai Chili Chocolate Chess Pie from Boucherie

Make sure you don’t fill up on all that BBQ at The Joint in the Bywater. The pie, oh the pie you can choose from key lime, peanut butter, or pecan. My pick is the peanut butter- go ahead TREAT yourself!

And finally, we can’t talk about pie and not talk about APPLE PIE, Cowbell’s Apple Pie is perfection on a plate.



Stop By For a Piece of Pie!

I know we’ve covered Pecan Pie above….but was it flattop grilled pecan pie? No, no it was not and I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t tell you to grab a seat at the counter at The Camellia Grill and have a piece.

p.s. don’t forget the vanilla ice cream


Lagniappe: Pi Humor….

Why Should You Never Talk to Pi?


Because he’ll just go on forever.




Like Pi, we hope the Pie in your life is never-ending!



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